Tips you didn’t know to make your hair fluffy, super practical

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It is not impossible to get a long, fluffy, beautiful waterfall hair with good care.


The biggest advantage of abundant hair is that you can easily manage a variety of atmospheric hairstyles, but also doubly small face, is a hidden temperament beauty.In the opinion of most young people who have a receding hairline and are worried about their hair volume, how can you not be impressed when you happen to see such spectacular hair?Hair volume is definitely the focus of attention for modern people, both men and women.


Wig piece


The above-mentioned hair enhancement tool – wigs, is the winning strategy for actresses! Completely can do to fake the effect of real.But the paste is not firm, easy to have the risk of falling out, it is more embarrassing.Especially for people with a high hairline, wig bangs is to help, of course, to use the natural not to do, or quite a test of tact and aesthetics.And some as a decorative effect of the wig piece, a look at the very fake.


The Japanese and Korean girl group “iron bangs”, probably most of them are also thanks to the credit of the wig piece.The wig piece is simple and easy to use, as invisible hair props, to meet the immediate needs of hair loss star people.Here I would like to mention in passing “hair extensions”. The same reason for the combination of wig and real hair, but compared to simply pasting the head wig piece, hair extensions more professional, need to find Tony operation, the use of weaving techniques to graft wigs to real hair, I have done it myself, the effect is quite realistic and natural.


hair fluffy


But the hair extensions will be violently pulled up the scalp, very uncomfortable, and expensive to take care of and troublesome, and not maintain a few months to fall out, and even accelerate the rate of hair loss. In short, if not necessary, it is not recommended to go to hair extensions.


Sponge pad hair piece


This trick I remember Faye Wang revealed in her own grass vlog, is also a small prop to increase the volume of hair.It is more suitable for people with fine and soft collapsed hair, and has the effect of increasing the top of the skull and creating a sense of fluffiness.The pad in the back of the head part, also can make the head shape become more round, just tear off when easy to tear off the hair.


Styling spray


Lisa’s “iron bangs” are also true to her name, and this photo is enough to explain everything.The actual fact is that she is using a styling spray to keep the balance of her bangs. The actual Kao is the one that will keep the balance.If you want your new hairstyle to be stable and not messy, you must learn to use the styling spray!In addition to bangs, you can also strengthen the whole head, like this spray on the inside of the hair, hands slightly dipped in water, and then “grab” the way to organize the hair, you can make it more fluffy, it looks like more hair.


In addition to these invisible props, the change of hair style may be the most intuitive and effective solution to enhance the visual hair volume. Throughout, it is just a variety of bangs various volumes, cushioned cranial top, both sides skillful fluffing. If together with the hair enhancer, you will get twice the result with half the effort.


Low cranial top + high hairline, the two with together is really a bit miserable. Like Cheng Xiao such a big brain, bangs are actually a very good choice, but without modelling, air bangs are not suitable for her. Properly increasing the density of bangs can effectively cover the area left white in front of the forehead.


If you don’t have bangs on your brain, you will look older. Hair is too flat and looks dead, so bangs and airy micro rolls are too important!If your face is a bit rounded, you may want to consider air bangs and dragon beard bangs to make your face more three-dimensional.


The hair does not necessarily mean that the face will be 100% smaller, but the focus is on shading skills. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.The girl who likes to tie the ponytail, you can also try this one word clip, you can make the ponytail stand up high, multiply the spirit.


No wonder the ponytail of female celebrities can be tied up so quite, the original hidden inside the mystery ~.I can also do it, and this is probably the benefit of having long hair. I don’t want to talk about it, I want to get a new haircut again.


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