What are the best low-profile hair colors

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Compared to the high-profile dye and exaggerated color, low-key and luxurious hair color seems to be more suitable for summer, but also more able to support the connotation and temperament of all the fairies. Many girls like to do hairstyles, today we recommend a few low-key good-looking hair color, here take a look!


Milk tea color


The milk tea color can be divided into milk tea brown and milk tea gray, either of which is very low-key. Milk tea color white, not picking skin, and also can set off the temperament of the person. Although the hair color is low-profile, but the fame is very high, is one of the hottest hair color in the summer.




Bitter flaxen and flaxen brown, flaxen gray. Different from the ordinary partial gold flaxen color, in the visual presentation is more of a partial brownish gray feeling. This color looks very gentle, not blowing up the eyes but it is impossible to ignore.




Chocolate color


The chocolate color is actually a brown color in the warm color, said chocolate color low-key luxury and connotation, not exaggerated. The chocolate color is not skin picking, but can always bring out the most beautiful side of the girls.


Black tea color


The black tea color is recognized as a low-profile color, popular with the student party. Black teal usually looks like black, but without the darkness of black. The color is as if it was not dyed. But under the sunlight, it will show a blackish brown-black color, isn’t it a very understated and connotative color.


Mint gray


With a cool off gray-green, it looks fresh and cool, suitable for spring and summer, and also for babies with yellowish skin. Unlike the green wood linen gray, mint gray can achieve the desired effect even without bleaching. Mint gray has a sense of transparency and will also give a chic look, suitable for all slightly curly hair as well as short straight hair.


Honey Teal


Honey teal is a more Korean color and looks great with either curly hair or other hair heads. Honey teal looks like a high concentration of gray feel color, more accentuate the texture of the hair sense, set off the temperament of the person.


Well, the above is the hair color to share with you today, like it if you hurry up and dye it!

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