What are the steps to do nail art, a few simple steps, you can make beautiful nails at home

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Women who love beauty, always can not ignore any number of details. A pair of good-looking hands can enhance your temperament and face value. Nowadays, many girls like to do nail art, not only to make hands look more smooth and delicate, but also more fashionable and gorgeous colors. So do you know what are the steps to do nail art? Can you make a good-looking direct at home by yourself? In fact, only a few simple steps, you can make a good-looking nail shape, love the beauty of the baby together to look over it.


01, before doing nail art, you need to wash your hands first, then use the dead skin push from the direct root, push up the dead skin. This is the first step in doing nail art, and the most simple and basic work.


02, the nail with the dead skin pushed up after, we need to use the yarn sanding, nail rubbing into the shape they want. In fact, this step is also more critical, shaping the overall shape and style of nail art.


nail art styling


03, the surface of the nail coated with a thin layer of primer, the role of the primer is to make the nail more smooth and delicate, but also to help the subsequent nail coloring, and keep the nail gloss and fine, it will look more senior sense. Of course, this layer of primer can also better enhance the hardness of our nails and better protect them.


04, wait until the applied base coat is safely dry, we can apply their favorite nail polish color. When applying nail polish, we can choose to apply two layers of the way. Two layers of nail polish can make the nails more glossy and delicate.


05, finally wait until the nail polish is completely dry, and then apply a layer of glossy polish, you can make the nails show a better gloss. The glossy polish only needs to be applied in a thin layer to have some protection and to enhance the brightness and glossiness. So beautiful nails are ready, is it very easy?

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