What is better for women’s hair care? Complete recipes for hair care and hair care

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Many girls often dye and perm their hair, so of course the hair becomes dry and irritable. In fact, in addition to using hair care products to care and maintain their hair, they can also protect their hair by supplementing the nutrients needed by their hair. So, what is better for women to raise their hair? If you want to make your hair soft and shiny, let’s have a look!


Key nutrients for female hair


1,Iron: healthy hair follicles need sufficient oxygen, and oxygen depends on red blood cells in the blood to transport it to all parts of the body. The key nutrient for producing red blood cells is iron. If the body lacks iron, it may also lead to hair loss in addition to anemia.


Iron rich foods include: general red meat (beef), salmon, animal liver and egg yolk are rich in iron.


2,Vitamin C: in the past, people’s understanding of vitamin C mostly focused on whitening and reducing the number of cold days. But in fact, vitamin C has excellent antioxidant capacity. At the same time, it can help synthesize collagen and make hair strong and not easy to break.


In addition, vitamin C can also strengthen the absorption of iron, so as to develop healthy hair follicles, strengthen hair roots and prevent hair loss.


Recommended foods include strawberries, guava, apples and sweet pepper.


3,Vitamin B group: vitamin B group is a large family of hair maintenance, in which vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) has a strong moisturizing effect and the effect of infiltrating the cuticle, and slowly strengthens the toughness of hair through hair root absorption;


 hair care


When B2 (riboflavin) is taken together with B6 and folic acid, it can help hemoglobin formation, supply sufficient oxygen to hair follicles and help hair health. Recommended foods include: whole grain rhizomes, animal viscera, eggs.


4,B7 biotin: vitamin B7, also known as biotin, is mainly used to maintain the synthesis of fat and liver sugar, maintain the normal metabolism of energy and amino acids, and then maintain the normal physiological state of hair, skin, even sweat glands and nervous system. Therefore, it is also called “vitamin H”. H means “Haar” hair and “Haut” skin in German.


The daily diet, such as cooked eggs, meat, animal viscera, and salmon, is rich in biotin nutrition.


[warm reminder] in order to prevent hair loss, women should not only pay attention to a balanced diet and moderately supplement the above key nutrients, but also take protein, develop a regular daily routine, reduce the number of times of using chemicals to dye and perm their hair, and avoid heat injury caused by improper use of hair dryer.


The key to hair care is to repair the scalp


The key to hair care is to repair the scalp, wave off knotting, hair loss and white hair. The scalp is the biggest key to hair care. The scalp is unhealthy, which will make the hair dry, knotting and falling off, fade the color, and even reduce the amount of hair over time. Regular visits to beauty salons for scalp care and the use of chemical products such as hair care milk are remedial measures after injury. In fact, through dietary supplements, they can also provide nutrients needed by scalp cells. The hairdressing porridge taught by Japanese cuisine researcher Shugu rikai can promote metabolism, repair sun damage and prevent hair loss

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