Why can conditioner cause dandruff? How to choose conditioner?

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The function of hair conditioner is mainly for hair, which has no effect on hair. Some so-called dandruff conditioner is also for dandruff that falls off and remains in hair. Using too much conditioner may increase dandruff!


At present, the popular shampoos on the market are basically “two in one” shampoos that advocate easy-to-use and simple hair care. Over time, many beauties have the wrong idea that they can not use hair conditioner. In fact, conditioner should not only be used, but also be used correctly to help you create elegant and soft hair.


After shampooing, the hair scales on the hair surface are open. At this time, combing and drying are more likely to damage the hair. The role of hair conditioner is to close the hair scales, and play the role of anti-static, bacteriostatic, supple and moisturizing, so as to moisturize the dry hair, form a protective film, prevent water loss, and make the hair soft, moist and shiny, And easy to comb.


Why can conditioner cause dandruff?


Conditioner mainly consists of surfactants, cationic conditioners, fat liquors, oil, chelating agents, preservatives, pigments, flavors and other active ingredients.


Fatliquoring agents such as lanolin, olive oil and silicone oil, used in hair conditioner, can improve the nutritional status of hair, make hair bright and easy to comb. Other active ingredients may include ingredients with different functions such as wetting, sunscreen, vitamins and plant extracts. If these ingredients act on hair, they may cause scalp discomfort and even dandruff.


The function of hair conditioner is mainly for hair, which has no effect on hair. Some so-called dandruff conditioner is also for dandruff that falls off and remains in hair. Therefore, when using hair conditioner, pay attention that hair conditioner only needs to be applied to the hair tip, and avoid too much contact with the hair, so naturally it will not aggravate the trouble of dandruff.


How to choose conditioner


How to choose conditioner ? Hair conditioner should be selected according to hair quality


In summer, the sun is strong, and the hair is as vulnerable to ultraviolet rays as the skin. In particular, pay attention to the moisturizing, moisturizing and repairing of the hair. If there are a series of hair problems such as dry, forked and yellowing, you need to supplement corresponding nutrients according to different situations.


Under normal circumstances, shampoo after sun exposure should not be started until the scalp and hair are naturally cooled. The selection of conditioner should be suitable for your hair quality:


dry hair


If the hair scales in the hair structure have been damaged, the hair will be short of water and oil. In serious cases, it may be yellow, forked, fragile and easy to break. Therefore, in the selection of hair conditioner, we should pay attention to whether it has moisturizing effect.


Oily hair


Oil control refreshing conditioner is very suitable for helping oily hair keep dry and comfortable for a long time. Even after strong ultraviolet radiation, it will not be sticky and unbearable, but can help you hold the refreshing feeling when you just wash your hair.


Fragile hair


Fragile hair is mostly due to the loss of nutrition and extremely lack of various nutritional elements needed by hair. To repair hair problems such as loss of elasticity and easy breakage, it is natural to supplement a lot of nutrition. Therefore, it is best to choose hair conditioner rich in nutrients. If necessary, you can even use it every day, especially some wash free hair conditioner will be more applicable.

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