Women with these four signs should not wear “curly hair”, otherwise it will look too old, trust me

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Now curly hair is popular with everybody small fairies, western style fashion, if the hair feels more pure and fresh and reduction of age, and curly hair, give a person the feeling of elegant atmosphere, compared with the natural straight hair is easier to appear mature, but also avoid the “old” this problem, many are not suitable for hot curly hair girl if not well prepared, So it’s easy to become an old woman after a perm, so today I’m going to give you some advice, if you have these signs, it means you are not suitable for curly hair!


NO1: round face


The characteristics of the round face is round, edges and corners are not very clear, the outline is also very fuzzy, and the curl itself has a sense of radian, is not conducive to modify the round face, but easy to foil the face more round. Moreover, the round face is full of collagen, which makes it look smaller. If it is permed with curly hair, it will appear mature and look ten years old immediately. The natural sense of straight hair is more suitable for some oh! Like Zhao Liying, Tan Songyun, Shen Yue is to suit more pure and fresh the straight hair that reduces age.


NO2: head circumference


The head circumference affects the overall figure ratio, and has a great impact on the temperament of the whole person. In everyone’s aesthetic, the small head is better to look at, and if you unfortunately belong to the larger head circumference, it is recommended not to perm as far as possible. The reason depends on curl to be able to make the bouffant feeling of the hair, hair amount is increased on the vision, because this can magnify the area of the head, look the head is very swell, show old do not say, integral proportion is very incongruity also!


curly hair


NO3: hair hard


Hair qualitative cent is fine and soft hair qualitative and coarse and hard hair qualitative, and different hair qualitative also is the measure standard that you are suitable for curl, compared to, fine and soft hair qualitative suits to hot dye hair style quite, the fluffy feeling that can make a hair is unlikely to appear very messy again, and soft hair does modelling better, can achieve expected effect.


Hair too thick hard it will be difficult to reach the effect of perm, first of all, good hair quality have hang down suitable feeling very hard, so look bad hair is coarse, at the same time too fluffy curly hair looks messy, no administrative levels feeling of the hair is easy to pull down temperament, the hair is more suitable for straight hair, smooth sag, her hair is more temperament!


NO4: Flat features


Facial features and the correlation of hairstyle is very high, we must change their hair at the same time the facial features into consideration, and also for the facial features very gentle girl, don’t choose the curl as far as possible, because the curl is soften edges, with curly arc also vaguely hair covering original features and destroy the fluency of the face. In contrast, sharp bones and strong lines are more suitable for curly hair, which tends to appear soft and feminine.


Therefore, many European and American women and women with more three-dimensional features often leave some curly hair, which looks more attractive to women, while Asian women prefer black long and straight, which can modify the facial outline, enhance the three-dimensional sense of facial features, and appear not so flat, but also more with the charm of Oriental beauty.


In addition to dressing up, a good hairstyle can also give the whole greatly added points, for their own different conditions we are suitable for the hairstyle is not the same, and ultimately to rely on their own practice to find out a suitable hairstyle, not all the hair is old, but also do not follow the trend to perm hair oh!

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