Bulgarian male models on the VERSACE show, new male model faces to watch

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One new male model to watch out for recently was Bulgarian Rumen Radev, who walked on the VERSACE show and showed off his hot-blooded style.


Rumen Radev, named after the president of Bulgaria, is a professional Bulgarian taekwondo athlete who was recruited by an Italian fashion modeling agency for straight male sports from the field.


So far, Rumen Radev has done only one show, or even one fashion job, in her entire modeling career.




But in my mind, Rumen Radev is really a very good model, because he really fits the aesthetic of the younger generation of today, and here again, it’s a compliment to VERSACE’s choice of male models. Very few brands always stick to their principles, but VERSACE always stick to their vision of sexuality and health. No matter male model or female model, VERSACE always adhere to health beauty for the basic principle, in order to highlight VERSACE men or women’s strong.


And Rumen Radev’s body and features and temperament are indeed very healthy, with the male hormones that seem to overflow.


While fashion designers have traditionally favored thinner models in the fashion world, looking at Rumen Radev, I don’t think anyone can say he’s undressy.


And for VERSACE, a collection that embraces a sporty vibe and healthy beauty, Rumen Radev is a perfect fit.


In any case, I did get a sense of the style and temperament of the nineties male models in Rumen Radev’s appearance, even though it was an era when male models were just muscle backgrounds and subsets, and their status was not obvious, but style is style, and he was good anyway.

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