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Hermès’ pretty great Spring/Summer 2022 collection included some super cool accessories, including low-key sneakers and rope belts finished with luxe silver accents. One sneaky standout, however, is a lavish leather handbag that boasts a hidden skate deck base, a stealthy design that heralds a new era of luxurious skate goods.


Even before Supreme partnered with Louis Vuitton in 2017, luxury brands were dipping into the realms of street and skatewear, though that collection really opened the floodgates. Since then, nearly every big brand has dropped skate-inspired garments, sneakers, or even a skateboard or two (or a longboard). Even Hermès itself has gotten in on the action.


his new bag, however, is a little different. Hermès has taken a clean grain leather shoulder bag that appears to be a 45cm Bolide — and placed a wooden skate deck on the bottom. The four “feet” on the bottom are arranged akin to the holes used to attach a baseplate to a real deck, but this artsy accent is definitely not meant to be shredded.




Think the base’s shape is a mere coincidence, though? Let the tiny skateboard-shaped bag charm assuage any second-guessing. In fact, Tech Deck-sized accent is likely to be far more expensive than any fingerboard (or skateabledeck), thanks to its leather strap and construction.


Most contemporary Bolide owners seem to prefer the smaller sizes, which are more readily available than the larger iterations anyways. But the 45cm size makes sense from an aspirational viewpoint: Hermès’ SS22 collection was all about an escape from restrictive lockdowns, so why not reach for the biggest bag? Upgrading the house’s signature travel bag with the ultimate symbol of youthful revolt made sense, hybridizing two icons of freedom in an extremely opulent package.

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