Chanel classic 11.12 bag behind 2 small stories

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Life’s first choice of boutique bags, Chanel classic bag 11.12 can definitely be included in the list, from the late artistic director Karl Lagerfeld’s hand, while there is a tribute to Ms. Chanel, a collection of all the classic elements of the brand, coupled with each year’s new release, but still attract small fragrance fans continue to buy the collection. Awareness of the classic bag 11.12, from the following 3 major designs and 2 small stories to start.


Chanel beginners


Design 1, double C metal buckle ring




Karl added Chanel’s most recognizable double C Logo as the bag clasp, even from a distance can be clearly seen, is the best way to distinguish the 11.12 bag.


Design 2, leather through metal chain strap




In addition to the double C logo metal buckle, the 11.12 bag combines a detailed leather fabric with a metal chain strap to create a leather-through-chain design that is both individual and textured.


Design 3, logo 7-sided pocket




Chanel believes that the bag must not only be beautiful, but also must have practicality, and the 7-sided pockets on the bag are the best proof of this, including a lipstick pocket, a triangular pocket, a concealed zipper pocket and 2 large pockets, a central compartment pocket, and a half-circle smile pocket on the outside where cards can be placed.


Chanel insider


Small story 1, flip play classic bag 2.55




In 1983 Karl Lagerfeld took the classic Chanel bag 2.55 created by the brand’s founder, Gabrielle Chanel, in 1955 as a prototype, and designed a new 11.12 bag through Karl’s creative ideas, which was launched more than 38 years ago and is still one of the brand’s most popular handbags.


Short story 2, Mona Lisa’s smile




The semi-circular pocket hidden on the back of the bag actually has an interesting little story that is not well known. The slightly upward curve under the pocket is inspired by the classic painting “Mona Lisa’s Smile” and has a tribute meaning in it.

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