CHANEL COCO BEACH 2021 Collection Makes A Big Splash In The Hamptons

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When fashion houses transition, there are two types of situations which occur. Firstly, there is the one that is easily recognizable upon viewing. Secondly, and quite frankly more interesting, are those creative modification that don’t immediately display drastic change but rather enhance a brands heritage by developing on-brand style transitions. This is my unorthodox philosophy toward change in established apparel companies today. I consider brand relationships and experiences to reshape consumers perspectives in a way of storytelling focused on the human element.
Fashion brands all have moments that present slip-second decisions that may or may not be the unique ingredients to accelerate in a positive lane. In fact, the pride that accompanies the inclusion of these decisions are palpable to say the least. It is empowering for the decision-maker. Once in transition, the internal debate immediately swirls. That brings us to THE CHANEL COCO BEACH COLLECTION 2021 modeled here by super-beauty Gigi Paris.
About a hundred years ago, as the 1920s ushered in a variety of postwar freedoms. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, (born in 1883), was the catalyst for change in apparel design as well as delightfully welcoming modifications during spontaneous moments in swimwear. At that time, Chanels streamlined shapes appealed to a wide variety of consumers seeking new design. Chanel’s ideas made sense and she achieved great victory in the swimsuit market segmentation.



Due mostly in part to the close alignment between the body and garment, the relationship between women and the swimsuit is more complex than any other garment as it erases its wearer’s social markers while placing the body on center stage. But if done well, each individual can create a shape that works in alignment with each respective body to help create a summer thematic journey of stories, souls that are the foundation of treasured memories such as sex-appeal, romance and warn and fun times with family and friends.



The CHANEL COCO BEACH 2021 collection became available mid-June in a selection of CHANEL boutiques around the world. For beachgoers from The Hamptons to St. Tropez, this line features floral motifs of camellias intertwined with the House’s double Con blouses, shorts, cycling shorts and swimsuits.


The accessories also feature these motifs. A collection designed with a fun-filled sporty feel by combining feminine and masculine style aesthetics as shown by blouses in cotton poplin, muslin or terry towelling worn over chic swimsuits.



In addition, This collection also celebrates the freedom of movement so dear to Gabrielle Chanel. The CHANEL COCO BEACH collection. Created in 2018 by Karl Lagerfeld and reinvented today by Virginie Viard, this Ready-to-Wear line echoes Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite coastal resorts, her taste for the seaside, the sun and life in the open air.

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