Expose the past and present life of bikini swimsuit. Who created it

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Bikini swimsuit, also known as “three-point” swimsuit, such a sexy swimsuit was very popular from the beginning? Bikini was once banned. Who designed bikini? When did it become popular? Now let’s look at the past and present life of bikini swimsuits.


I believe every girl who loves sunshine and beach always has a bikini. Bikini can be said to be a sharp weapon to liberate women’s sexuality and highlight women’s line beauty. You must be curious about how the name of bikini came from. In fact, bikini is a place name, an island where nuclear bomb test explosions have been carried out. What does this island have to do with bikini? The reason is that the inspiration of this bikini swimsuit comes from this island.


When Louis reard, the designer, saw the news of the nuclear bomb explosion, it may be that new things inspired him. He felt that there should be a new reform in the conservative swimsuit, so he began to design a bikini.


Bikini swimsuit


The early bikini is not what we see now. The bikini we see now have been improved and redesigned. The bikini designed by Louis reard is a high fork shorts that cover the chest as much as possible, very like underwear. From the current point of view, the previous bikini swimsuit was not sexy enough, but at that time, this kind of swimsuit with largely bare skin was unacceptable.


Even professional models were terrified of bikini swimsuits until a famous stripper, Michal bernatini, was not afraid of words and took the initiative to wear bikini for reporters to take photos. Her boldness caused waves of comments, in which bikini was slowly accepted. Many bold young women on the beach wore bikini. Gradually bikini became popular in Europe and became an indispensable swimsuit for women.


Bikini has always been popular in Europe. When will it spread all over the world? It all depends on a star to bring bikini to the world. She is the famous Hollywood film star Marilyn Monroe. Monroe is very bold. She publishes her photos in bikini in major fashion magazines. Wearing bikini, Monroe is sexy and elegant, showing a different style. At this time, people look at Bikini differently. It turns out that bikini can make women so sexy and charming. Bikini is officially popular all over the world.


From a conservative one-piece swimsuit with only black to a sexy and colorful bikini, to some extent, bikini is a revolution to liberate women’s ideological constraints, and women can finally boldly and confidently show their beauty. This is an ideological progress and the beginning of women’s autonomy.

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