Jennifer Lopez Venice fashion show out of place, pompous dress strutting, label but did not cut

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Venice fashion show news:Latin diva Jennifer Lopez, J.LO even though it is 52 years old, but she has been to reverse the growth of the queen of the momentum of active in the fashion circle, known as the United States celebrity world life winner, even if the former fiancé cheating she can anger sword cut love, that side of the box immediately with old love Ben Affleck old love rekindled, living to write a big female drama, but also the current major fashion brands are competing for the invitation. The most recent appearance was at St. Mark’s in Venice.


Recently, he appeared at St Mark’s Square in Venice to attend the Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture show and party, showing off his queenly aura with a gorgeous floral dress, floral pants and an embroidered cloak.


J.LO appeared in a branded fancy dress, with a floor-length cape and golden headpiece wig paired with a short top decorated with crystals and beaded embroidery, featuring bold floral patterns from head to toe, including floral high-waisted pants on a black background, jeweled embroidered bra on a white background, 15-inch high jeweled metallic leather sandals, and a golden mini Devotion tote bag. The most eye-catching thing is the gorgeous cloak with green embroidery that flutters as she walks, and it looks like the queen’s aura is all over the place.


The embroidered high waist pants seem to be very difficult to control and can be worn accidentally out of the street market mother-in-law’s perception.


If you don’t have J.LO’s slim and fit body, it’s hard to put on the “flower pulling stick” to look good. Her eye-catching look also depends on her long-term HIIT exercise and free combat to train a zero-fat body, especially for the abdominal muscles and buttocks to do forging, so she can accept the challenge of any outfit and make people The company’s main goal is to provide a good quality of service to the customers.


J.LO has a good relationship with Dolce & Gabbana, which is still in the mud in China, and often wears the brand’s clothes everywhere in private, making her the best spokesperson.


However, the queen was strutting along the pier when she made a fatal mistake – she was photographed by the reporters outside who did not take off the label of her clothes. It’s super embarrassing!


The beautiful fancy dress instantly turned into cottage quality.


Feet on the 15-inch thick-soled decorative fake jewel sandals is very inconvenient, so at any time need to be assisted to get up and down the stairs and boat, but also pull the big cloak to walk onto the boat, accidentally will trip over themselves, or out of the unimaginable accident, look at the usual fitness, athletic J.LO are back to the city look, boarding action is extremely indecent, D & G’s design looks gorgeous, but actually not practical. People have two bodyguards to assist on board, and you?


In order to prevent other than, J.LO had to let the bodyguard drag his hands all the way to wait, it can be seen how difficult to wear D&G shoes, looking at it can feel the hard work of J.LO.


Venice fashion show


J.LO’s makeup was created with her own brand J.LO beauty.


As always, D&G invited not only the world’s biggest stars, but also many celebrities and netizens to support the scene, the lost Chinese market also dare not labor, but the core of the publicity on the European and American groups, so the scene rarely see Asian faces. Among the invited stars, the most striking one was Leni, the 17-year-old daughter of former Veep supermodel Heidi Klum, who looked striking in a blue mini dress with a sweetheart waistline and a crown, just like a princess.


When Saweetie, 28, arrived at the Dolce & Gabbana show, she made sure all eyes were on her in a sparkling ball gown that really wasn’t extravagant or over the top. Finally, I hope that D&G will not continue to be a demon, just behave for the European and American markets.

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