Juno Temple Paid Homage to Kate Moss at the Ted Lasso Premiere

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If you haven’t watched an episode of Ted Lasso yet, you should clear your schedule. The Apple + comedy about a Texan football coach who lands an unlikely gig at an English football (i.e. soccer) club is more than a fish out of water comedy. The series, which racked up a record-breaking 20 Emmy nominations last week, is a whip-smart look at cultural and ideological differences. As model Keeley Jones, Juno Temple shattered any stereotypes about soccer WAGs (wives and girlfriends) with her endearing portrayal.

For Temple, who snagged her first Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress, the positive response to the show reflects how much fun it was making it. “I feel like it’s this crazy circle of life situation. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience making it, so having people say, “I watched this show, and it gave me joy in a time I was finding difficult” is amazing,” she says. “Keeley saved my mental health throughout this past year, so I feel like a fangirl even though I’m in it.” Being in the running for TV’s highest honor is an added bonus.

Naturally, the season 2 premiere called for a truly epic look, and to honor her character’s outré style, Temple and stylist Erin Walsh looked to retro runways. Kate Moss walking down the Versace spring/summer 1999 runway with a fresh magenta coif served as the inspiration. Temple committed to the vision with a new hair and a Donatella-designed outfit. “Juno is such a well of inspiration, fashion-wise. I think in general we were going for something that felt fun, fresh, modern, and chic,” says Walsh. “I must admit, the pink hair was totally her idea and completely out of my wheelhouse, but the reference she had in mind was spot on and [she] nailed it in terms of pulling it together.”

Versace spring/summer 1999 runway

The look couldn’t have come together without the glam, and hairstylist Mara Roszak styled Temple’s wig into a neon fantasy. Makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua applied soft shades of pink lipstick and eyeshadow that played up the dye job. “It’s a tough balance to pull off when you are going so bold—you have to make delicate choices to complement it,” says Walsh. “Kara nailed it [by] going for a fresh vibe to complement the look instead of trying to compete with it. I think it’s such a surprising, fun, and of the moment choice. A good joyful celebration of Juno’s recent nomination!”

Temple’s ultra-chic reference, Kate Moss on Versace‘s SS99 runway

Temple is sure her boldly dressed character—who has worn feathered capes and rainbow sequin covered wrap tops on the show—would have approved. “Something I love so much about Keeley is that she is fearless and very outrageous and expressive with her fashion choices,” she says. “She’s got such a big heart and so many colors inside of her, like this endless rainbow ocean, and I feel like she would want to be brave on a red carpet and wear something that she’d feel was expressing her insides. I think that this outfit tonight would make Keeley proud.”

Temple having fun with hairstylist Mara Roszak
Getting glamorous with help from makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua.
Soft shades of pink complimented Temple’s magenta hair.
Versace look
The final Versace look.
The final Versace look.
On the red carpet with co-star Hannah Waddingham.

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