Luxury little-known sand carved cold knowledge! How much do you really know

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When it comes to luxury goods, the price is especially high and cold, and it looks unattainable. But how much do you know about some humorous cold knowledge of luxury brands?


In fact, Hermes began to do the bag because of love, it is well known that Hermes is to do the horse harness to start. And the first leather handbag was made in 1922 by Emile Maurice Hermes, the third generation heir of Hermes, and the bag was made because his wife complained that she couldn’t find a handbag she liked in the whole of Paris. Before World War II, Hermes packaging was made of beige cardboard imitating pigskin, white at the time symbolizing power and nobility. After World War II was fought, the original stock of bag paper was quickly used up and the factory was left with orange cardboard, a color that was not much liked by the public at the time, but there was no other choice, so this orange cardboard had to be used as the packaging.


At the end of World War II, to commemorate that era of material scarcity, Hermes changed the packaging color of all its products to orange, which gradually evolved into the Hermes orange we see now. Hermes Orange is a magical color, it is not like red deep and bright, and more than yellow a touch of bright heavy, in many colors in the dazzling but not offensive. It comes with a noble temperament and Hermes brand connotation coincides.




Gucci’s bee comes from ancient Greek mythology, the mark is a symbol of nobility, the incarnation of the gods.


From the 5th to 8th century AD, the bee became the symbol of the French royal family, representing the succession of kingship, and Napoleon I even made it the main image of the imperial coat of arms.


The Dior bee is much simpler.


It comes from the childhood memories and nostalgia of the founder, Christian Dior, of his hometown of Granville, where a swarm of bees fluttered in a rose garden.


In 1896, Louis Vuitton took over the management of LV from his father and the brand began to expand.


The Louis Vuitton brand then began to expand. Since then, it has become a target of imitation, and to prevent “copycats”, Georges designed the classic Monogram “anti-counterfeit fabric”, which was patented worldwide. “LV old flower (Monogram) material is cotton canvas Canvas, plus resin coating, waterproof and fireproof, not afraid of scratches, more resistant than leather, and added in the production of flame retardant, so at the time the production costs and process complexity is very high, it is difficult to copy.


You think Chanel is a perfume to start with?


In fact, not, Chanel’s first store in 1910 in Paris 31 Rue Cambon business, named Chanel Modes, the store does not sell clothes nor sell bags, but sell hats, still in business today is already a hundred years old store.


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