Match with “shirt control” as a reference! Let’s count how many patterns a small item can produce

wu meijie Date:2021-09-29 14:57:32
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It’s the season to wear shirts again. It’s just the autumn wind with a slight coolness. I feel hot without turning on the air conditioner. I need to wear long sleeves when turning on the air conditioner.


Therefore, to meet the needs of this season, I’d like to share with you a group of shirts. There are always a variety of styles that are suitable for you.


Combination and matching of shirt items


How to match the shirt depends not only on the version, but also on the style of other items. Compared with our usual Lapel shirts, the simple round neck shirt has less sense of formality, so it can better express the gentle temperament of girls. Lace sleeves are the design highlights. Matching with high waist trousers and small gift hats makes the workplace feel very ceremonial.


If you want to match the shirt with the skirt, you don’t need to be too restrained. We just choose something that is not too formal. For example, this kind of artistic printed skirt can really bring some artistic flavor to the whole dress. When matched with a solid color shirt, it feels like a daily female model.




How can a single white shirt be more colorful? I have a good way to choose a very personalized lower garment. For example, this plush slit skirt, whether in fabric or design, is a non mediocre piece. When it is put together with the white shirt, it is not so exaggerated, and there is no problem in daily wear.


Black and white is not only the basic color system for high-grade wear, but also an indispensable color for shirts. The shirt with small black hollowed out design is matched with a khaki suit pants. This mysterious and noble texture is really charming.


The white lace sleeved shirt is more approachable. It is still a simple small stand collar, less formal, coupled with high waist jeans, casual and daily.


The cotton linen shirt with a slight perspective feeling is very close to the skin, absorbs sweat and breathes. It is still very suitable for autumn. The design of the small stand collar is simple and slightly formal. It is very dignified and formal when paired with a high waist skirt or trousers.

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