Miss Chanel life never for who to wear wedding clothes, but married to their own career to death

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All her life she was proud and made many enemies, but she never had any real enemies. She never dressed for anyone in her life, but she married her own business until death do us part. Besides her career, she also has love.


She had a favorite boy, Capel, who took her first steps to freedom and taught her how to live and how to love. He is her life enlightenment mentor, but also her intimate lover, but also her life pain. When he was gone, her world was dark, and she began a heavy mourning for him in the most solemn black.


And then there was the brilliant, impoverished poet Lividi, who introduced her to the world of literature, inspired her writing and opened the door to her art. He smoothed the pain of losing love in Chanel’s heart with affectionate and sad verses, and armed her weakness into armor. The handsome Russian nobleman, the vagrant and destitute prince, whose melancholy she was fascinated by, and from which she found infinite inspiration.




Have the devil’s soul of Elibe, he is Chanel once again the love of life and death, his outstanding talent and romantic words became she can not quit the hobby.


The richest British duke, he is willing to use his endless wealth to protect her forever carefree, for her to wear the dream ring. She, on the other hand, turned gracefully and saved her pride.


She seeks love and stability, but she will never give up her career, her independence, her freedom. For her, career is everything, and freedom is above all else. At the end of the story, Chanel was alone, alone.


When she was 80, people still called her Mademoiselle Chanel. She is still rebellious, maverick, fearless wind and frost, such as snow plum as proud, like jinpine as tough.


She is detached from things, both inside and outside repair, hate flashy, hate unrealistic beauty. She’s an outlier. She’s always 20. She’s always young.


Nowadays, The figure of Chanel has disappeared in the curtain of the era, but the fashion she created is still ahead of The Times; Chanel’s spirit will also influence generations of women to struggle for independence and freedom; The simple double C logo is also endowed with a deeper connotation, representing the essence of Chanel culture; The holy and pure camellia is still graceful and graceful, continuing the myth of invincibility of flowers…


She used the limited life, created infinite value. Her life is a legend. Life is over, legend is not over

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