Talk to your bag and experience the Hermès Fall/Winter collection with a different “sound”

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Seven bright and vibrant “podcast booths”, wearing headphones to “talk” with the bags, iconic items are supplemented with anthropomorphic personalities, Hermès Fall/Winter 2021 new collection allows everyone to feel a different interesting auditory experience.


Bag world, Birkin 3 in 1 Barénia Faubourg calfskin, Barénia calfskin with H canvas bags as the latest members of the Birkin family. The puzzle-like design cleverly deconstructs the flap of the classic leather tote bag, making it a detachable inner pocket made of canvas and leather, which, when combined with the body, allows for three uses and different styling. Among the men’s bags, the Plume calfskin bag is inspired by the 1960’s design, and has been refurbished with both function and shape to become a more versatile and practical bag for the modern city life; the Hermès Geta Mysore goatskin bag is highlighted by a long “H” letter magnetic clasp.




In the world of women, a wild mix of colors, materials and styles


In the women’s world, in the tradition of paying tribute to art and creativity, the double-sided silk “Hermès Dress Style” 90 cm square scarf pays tribute to the world of photography by presenting both vibrant colors and cool black and white negatives on the front and back of the silk object with exquisite craftsmanship and ingenuity. The mysterious and whimsical portraits on the scarf are the imaginative work of American illustrator Daniel Clowes. The playful pink shearling sandals, inspired by classic Hermès footwear, are brightly colored and plush, and the Swift calfskin double-loop bracelet pays homage to Hermès’ harness-making tradition, wrapping around the delicate wrist.




The silk scarf area showcases the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the silk objects.


The men’s world is enriched with bold colorways for a gentleman’s autumn/winter look. The “Fubo Party” scarf by Hungarian designer Tibor Kárpáti transformed the Hermès store on Avenue Fubo in Paris into a giant disco in the 1980s video game style. Hermès‘ iconic Kelly buckle was the finishing touch to the all-red calfskin high-top sneakers.




The men’s world is enriched with bold colors for a gentleman’s fall/winter look.


The jewelry and watch collection harkens back to the classics with the Kelly Chane collection, which transforms the classic elements of the bag into a diamond-encrusted design, and the Chane d’ancre enchanée collection, which is an avant-garde yet elegant design in new rose gold, with or without diamonds.


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