Which niche women’s fashion brands with potential will break through in 2021?

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How will the global layout of womenswear change in the next two years? We observe that a group of niche womenswear brands will emerge with a relatively stable layout. While the epidemic will continue to spread, the big brands will have to pay high operating costs and profits will decline, these “small but smart” niche brands will be able to achieve sales growth rather than decrease by finding the right positioning, making flexible decisions and using social media extensively. Looking at the sales figures of these niche brands in 2020, combined with their brand marketing strategies, we can also roughly determine which niche brands have the most potential to achieve significant growth in the coming years.


Nanushka: Making leather clothes eco-friendly and fashionable


The first is the Hungarian niche brand Nanushka, under the trend of rejecting animal leather in Europe, they launched Vegan leather series, using environmental protection, sustainable brand positioning quickly became the representative brand in the field of environmental protection women’s clothing.


Popular niche women’s clothing brand Nanushka in 2021


Vegan leather is made of PVC, PU and natural materials such as cork, pineapple leaves and apple peel, which are highly moldable and easy to maintain. In addition to using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, they also fix 85% of their products to be produced locally in Hungary, which reduces the carbon footprint of the production process. In Europe, where environmentalism is prevalent, Nanushka’s brand positioning and specific environmental initiatives have allowed them to quickly capture the market, with Hailey, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna all becoming loyal customers.


Totême: Doing the necessities of luxury


womenswear brand


Co-founded by Swedish fashion bloggers and creative directors Elin Kling and Karl Lindman in 2014, Totême has the same mindset as Nanushka in terms of finding the right brand positioning, with Totême focusing on making “luxury essentials”. At a time when Scandinavian style is sweeping the world, Totême, founded only 6 years ago, is expected to have total revenues of $24 million with a 26% profit margin, with online direct sales accounting for 45% of total revenues. totême taps into the consumer demand of working women and sets the unit price at an affordable range for them, and past revenue figures have proven their positioning and strategy correct.


Totême, the popular niche womenswear brand for 2021


In the next two years, Totême claims to continue to focus on meeting consumer needs and not accepting external capital in order to design more flexibly, while they also target the Chinese market with a flagship store on Tmall, Totême’s future development is worth looking forward to.


Altuzarra: Providing emotional value for urban ladies


Altuzarra’s breakthrough lies in the infectious power of the brand itself and the emotional value it offers to consumers. As their design style demonstrates, personal competence and professionalism do not necessarily have to be reflected in a suit. Choosing the best dress for the right occasion is the essence of professional women’s dressing. The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, loves the Altuzarra style.


Altuzarra, a popular niche women’s clothing brand for 2021


Altuzarra presents the image of an urban beauty at work and on vacation. Suits, irregular hemlines and straw shoes are the most common elements of Altuzarra.


Cecilie Bahnsen: the healing power of teenage fairy tale style


Another niche brand that is driving growth with its infectious brand is Cecilie Bahnsen from Denmark. 2020 In September, Cecilie Bahnsen was selected for the first time in the official Paris Fashion Week schedule, and after being shortlisted for the LVMH Design Award in 2017 they once again sparked the attention of the fashion world. In 2020, Cecilie Bahnsen is also very clever to take advantage of the topic of “Disney princesses on the run” to successfully enter the vision of Chinese consumers, Cecilie Bahnsen is very feminine, making good use of white to create a romantic atmosphere, this ” The healing power of the “teenage fairy tale style” coincides with the image of the “Disney princess on the run”.


Cecilie Bahnsen, a popular niche women’s clothing brand in 2021


Cecilie Bahnsen says they are willing to slow down and think about how to provide the products that consumers want, with good, heartfelt design. Cecilie Bahnsen says they are willing to slow down and think about how to provide the products that consumers want, and fight fast fashion with good, heartfelt design. In the next two years, when fast fashion is on the wane, it’s a good opportunity for Cecilie Bahnsen to break through.


Peter Do: Using social media to win the market first


The last one is Peter Do, a fast-growing brand using social media, which many women also call their “Power Suit”, and which won the LVMH Graduate Prize when it was first born, with sales reaching $500,000 in its first quarter. In terms of marketing, Peter Do is very good at using social media to get closer to his customers, which is a very smart way to get closer to the new consumer group, for example, Peter Do once said: “I don’t go out much afterwards, all I do is work, cook, watch movies, play with my cats and respond to private messages on IG. In this way, they built up a close relationship with the brand’s fans and went on to create an exclusive community for the brand.


Peter Do, a popular niche women’s fashion brand in 2021


They also often share their fashion production process to make the production chain more transparent or put up a short video of their own Spring/Summer 2021 collection on Instagram, which helped them gain a head start in the market when the offline show was almost completely cancelled due to the epidemic.

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