You know which LV bags are classic. Here are three different LV bags that you can learn about

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If you are asked which bag is the number one in your mind, do you think of LV bags? LV bag is one of the most popular bags on the market today, due to its variety and classic style. In fact, there are new LV bag styles every year, but there are a few classic ones that are more common than new ones. It seems to be used more and more, so why are there so many different styles of Louis Vuitton bags? Today, Nikisho will introduce you to three classic LV bags.


LV bags


1, the Neverfull


No one can deny that this Neverfull bag is worth buying, and there’s a reason why it’s a classic, because it’s really a practical, durable, large-capacity bag that can hold everyday items, and some even say that Neverfull can hold babies! Be it a student, an office worker, or a mom, it can hold almost anything you want. On the design side, Neverfull is simple, elegant and casual. It comes in white checkerboard, brown checkerboard, Monogram canvas and solid colors. Of course, white and brown checkerboards and solid colors cost more. If you don’t mind the bump, Monogram presbyopia is a classic.


2, Speedy


Speedy is an essential part of any bag worth buying. The Speedy bag was introduced in 1930, and the first model was just 30cm in size. However, in 1965, Audrey Hepburn asked the founder of Louis Vuitton to customize a lightweight handbag for her, and thus the now-popular Speedy 25 classic appeared. Speedy’s use of classic Monogram presbyopia, Damier canvas, sleek silhouettes, and elegant chain-straps derived from vintage travel bags is sleek and light, all while telling the history of Louis Vuitton. It’s no wonder it’s a brand hit and reasonably priced among many bags.


3, Alma


Alma is also a classic Louis Vuitton handbag, from 1992 to the present 29 years, at that time, it was basically synonymous with elegance and femininity, which shows the popularity of this handbag at that time. In order to be more youthful, LV launched Alma BB mini in 2010, so Alma BB mini trend appeared on the street, allowing women of any age to find their own Alma, whether you are mature or young, can recite different feelings.


After reading the above three classic bags, do you feel like you have a new understanding of LV? If you have any questions about bags, please contact Nikisho.

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