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While this year’s Met gala invited attendees to—first and foremost—contemplate American fashion, no look was complete without an expertly calibrated beauty look. The theme, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” and exhibition embody themes of joy, rebellion, and nostalgia—feelings that were mirrored in the myriad hair and makeup looks tonight.
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From unintentional smudging to round-the-clock reapplication, there’s nothing nonchalant about a perfectly drawn fall lipstick. Once you commit, you must do maintenance all day long. And while the reward of, say, a classic burgundy lip often outweighs the inconvenience, there’s also beauty in a perfectly color-calibrated tint that’s a winning improvement on your natural lip color.
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If there’s one thing everyone knows about weddings, it’s that all eyes are always on the bride – so from head to toe, looking luminous is essential. One make-up artist who has played a key role in countless beautiful bridal moments is Hannah Martin. Widely understood to be the expert hands behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s radiant wedding day look in 2011, alongside numerous other members of the royal family since, she dubs 2021 the year of the “DIY bride”, with many women opting to do their own make-up due to Covid. Here, she shares her tricks of the trade .
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When Adut Akech began modelling professionally at the tender age of 16, she had an unfortunate introduction to the industry. “My hair got burned,” the now 21-year-old South Sudan-born runway star recalls of a time not long ago when having a like-minded hairstylist or make-up artist of colour on set or backstage was rare. “Our hair doesn’t need heat and everyone started straightening my hair. So I shaved my head — I went bald,” Akech continues of a formative beauty decision that both empowered her and helped cement her status on the catwalk. “Now, I know to say, ‘No, this is not the right shade for my skin tone,’ or ‘No, this does not work with my hair.’ I want new faces to be vocal about this stuff, too. That’s one thing I want to see change.” Her platform to help exact this kind of advancement just got a whole lot bigger: today, Akech becomes the newest global brand ambassador of Estee Lauder.
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Last October, four years since she left her namesake brand, and 25 years since her non-compete with Estee Lauder expired, Bobbi Brown launched her new beauty venture in the US. This week, after much anticipation, Jones Road, named after a street in East Hampton, launches in the UK.
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How do you find the best mascara? It can feel like a minefield, particularly given the number of options on the market – and there are almost as many ways to apply it, from zig-zagging through your eyelashes to prepping them first with a curler. Finding the best mascara for you is all a matter of deciding what effect you’re after.
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The beauty of makeup is that you can always switch it up and have fun with it. From incorporating new products to trying out different colours, it’s a journey that’s all about experimenting and arriving at things that you truly love. In a bid to arrive at our chosen makeup favourites, we discovered these newbies brands that are making their presence felt in India. Here’s a list of new makeup labels that are available in India now.
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Last year we all went crazy for brown lipstick, echoing the Y2K trends filling our high street stores.Now, however, it appears there’s a new kid on the block, and it’s just as retro and just as flattering.Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick has hit TikTok in a big way, and is now sold out on most retailers’ websites.
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The Best Beauty Products To Try This Autumn (And How To Wear Them). Nine make-up artists share their top tips and favourite products for autumn 2021. A neutral eyeshadow palette in the flattering tones that are synonymous with By Terry this limitededition release...
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The most important thing is that you have to be able to get rid of the oil and makeup, powder, dull skin tone, shine, pores, how to solve these makeup troubles at once. This is to talk about the foundation and BB cream, foundation has a strong concealing power, foundation makeup will feel heavier; BB cream is good at improving the skin dull tone, the main light, natural nude makeup effect. Today, we will review several foundations and BB creams to give a reference to the babies who want to start.
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To say what is essential to go out every day? Not off is lipstick and sunscreen, I will firmly tell you that there are eyebrows! Today to introduce you to a few super cheap and good eyebrow pencil!
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Everyone is very envious of other people's makeup look very delicate and smooth, they also want to have a delicate and smooth makeup. Then we'll talk about how to make our makeup look more delicate and smooth, makeup delicate and smooth tips to share with you.
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After all, what’s the point of swiping on that matte lipstick only to cover it up with a face mask? And why apply foundation when you can simply “touch up” your face on Zoom?
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