4 good skin care “habit”, adhere to 30 days, the skin becomes better, acne is also less

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What is a good skin care routine


1,Gentle makeup removal


As a girl, in addition to cleansing, but also often face the step of removing makeup. If this step is not done, it is easy to damage the skin barrier, resulting in sensitive skin.


When removing makeup, there are several points to note, if you use a cotton pad, then it is best not to repeatedly and vigorously wipe the skin with a cotton pad, this destructive force, the killing power of the skin is very large.


The second is that if you use makeup remover water, makeup remover milk or makeup remover oil to remove the makeup after, it is best not to use a very strong cleansing power cleanser to wash again. The more not to stack scrub products, so that the bombardment in turn, even if the makeup is removed, the stratum corneum will be destroyed.


After the makeup remover is finished, you can generally wash it off with water, such as makeup remover oil, in fact, many of them are not very greasy after unloading. If you feel a little greasy, you can choose a mild amino acid cleanser to wash down.



Skin Care


2,Strengthen moisturizing


If the skin is in a relatively moist environment, it is conducive to self-repair, and to create such a moist environment, moisturizing is very important, especially for dry skin.


But even the oil skin can not ignore moisturizing, although the skin itself has a moisturizing system, but because we wash the face or some other factors, the skin’s ability to moisturize will decline, sometimes our skin looks very oily, but the ability to moisturize is limited, so many people’s skin belongs to the state of oil and dry, so the necessary external moisturizing is needed.


3,Strengthen sun protection


UV rays have a great impact on the skin, on the one hand, it will make the skin tanned, and on the other hand, it will make the skin old. The tanning may be noticed by many people, after all, the “effect” of tanning is relatively fast. And the old sun is easy to ignore, because this process is a chronic poisoning process.


If you want your skin to age a little slower than others, then the best investment now is sun protection, rather than later to use what anti-aging essence, the role is not much. And if you want to whiten, it is also necessary to strengthen the sunscreen, or what whitening essence, the role will not be very obvious.


In the daily skin care, sun protection is basically not absent. If a long time outdoor exposure to the sun, choose a high sun protection index, that is, SPF and PA value are high, such as the Ennai sun. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.


4,Don’t apply face film  high frequency


Crazy to some face film for demon, rice can do not eat one day, but face film cannot one day not apply. Facial mask cures all diseases, acne, whitening, light spots, anti-aging, yellow, blackhead, only you can’t think of the effect, no facial mask can not do the effect.


But actually face film main effect is temporary complement moisture, as to beautiful white, weak spot, fight the effect of decline and so on, do not have almost.


Moreover, the moisturizing method of facial mask is equivalent to soaking the skin in water, and then increasing the degree of hydration of the cuticle. If this operation is done frequently and for a long time, it will weaken the skin barrier, lead to sensitive muscles, and even hydrating dermatitis.


The moisturizing effect of facial mask is not strong, so you just finished applying, the skin is temporarily very tender, but after a while, the skin will become dry, even more dry, because when you apply facial mask, the natural moisturizing factor in the skin has a part of you bubble out, so you wash away, so the skin is more dry. So finish the mask also need to use cream to keep wet.

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