4 hot lipsticks of 2021: Either out of stock or overpriced, one of which is enviable

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For girls who often wear makeup, lipstick has become an essential part of their daily life. In fact, the choice of lipstick is actually a learning, both to learn to keep pace with The Times, but also to learn to cater to the trend. Most girls can grasp the direction of fashion, basically every year will pay attention to which brand launched some new lipstick, today we will talk about the hot four new lipstick in 2021, after the market is still very good performance, is not sold out or is overpriced!


TF red tube 08


TF’s new red tube 08 is a typical cherry color, which can well show the charm of girls after the mouth, with a strong Hong Kong flavor. And this color is not particularly rich, slant a bit dark, there is a purple feeling in the brown tone of red brown, can make the overall makeup look more mature, but do not show old age, very suitable for some workplace girls.


As a hot door red number, no matter thin or thick coating is very good-looking, thin coating brightening color, thick coating is no problem with port style makeup charm. Nikisho here suggests that girls choose this color number, try to match with a light makeup, can maximize the effect of lipstick.


Chanel Lion Lip Gloss 257




Chanel this 257 also is the lipstick that gives new this year, suit New Year atmosphere quite, after go up the mouth is more festive. The main color is mainly red, painted on the mouth looks very high temperament and charming and affectionate, the whole person looks youthful.


The texture of lipstick is smooth, and when applied to the mouth, it is full. No matter thin or thick, the lipstick looks good. Thin lipstick is water red, with a slightly light color, which looks sweet and lovely, and is suitable for some girls aged 18-22. And thick besmear looks like the strawberry that is taking mei to drop is red, look lively do not break temperament again, more important is very show white, the schoolgirl of yellow black skin can rest assured proceed with, won’t step on thunder.


Uemura Hideo MBR 786


Uemura show this new mouth red number is rust red brown, relative to the color more rich brown series, it added a few red tones, so it looks more fresh and lively, can let the girl’s makeup look more inclined to the girl, very tender. Thin coating on the mouth is sweeter, thick coating is more heroic, very TV drama heroine feeling.


Uemura’s 786 upper mouth can be gentle and handsome, and will shine in a crowd with thick or thin paint. If you look closely, you can see that his lipstick also has a little bit of a twinkle in it, which, when applied to the mouth, has a kind of advanced texture, which makes it more attractive.


Estee Lauder 557


Estee Lauder 557 this lipstick can be said to be a hot one of the super white and beautiful color number, the main tone is caramel roasted chestnut, painted on the mouth is very distinctive, looks a little like the skin of roasted chestnut, carefully look at the words and a little red cinnamon color feeling, very delicate. Thin coated with a little milk tea red brown, girl sense is full, the whole person looks soft and cute.


If painted thick, it is a rich creamy chestnut color, very white on the top mouth, and full of aura. At the same time, this lipstick is still velvet texture, applied on the mouth dumb but not dry, no lip lines, is a very worthy of this year’s color number.


The above are the hot lipsticks listed by Nikisho. Although it is a new product, it is worth trying no matter from the perspective of feeling or color. Do you like any of the items listed above? If you like, you can go to the specialty store to try and feel it!

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