5 popular “concealer pan” review: Mac excellent concealing power, ipsa moisturizing and long-lasting

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I have to say, concealer is really all concealer products, moisturizing and concealing power are ranked relatively high products. The major makeup brands have also competed to launch their own concealer class “masterpiece”.


Today we bring you 5 popular “concealer pan” review, the market these popular concealer pan products, in the end, which one is suitable for you?


MAC custom concealer and face set


This is a multi-base six-color concealer palette, divided into two discs of dark and light shades, for different skin tones. The entire palette contains four concealers and two touch-ups, making it an all-in-one makeup concealer that combines concealer, touch-up and highlighter.


This concealer palette is firm and shiny, with a texture that basically does not change with temperature. It melts away with the warmth of your fingers and feels delicate and moist to the touch.


The concealer is slightly powdery on the face and has excellent coverage to cover up dark circles, spots, and acne marks. Although the texture is moist, the concealer “picks up” on the blemishes with good hold and does not show visible signs of makeup removal even in summer.


This concealer palette is more suitable for people who can adjust their color; the concealer has a moist texture, but the fingers do not pick up the powder evenly, so it is recommended to use a makeup brush with it.


IPSA Tri-Color Concealer


A classic three-color concealer design, with a red tone as the base color to create a “customized” concealer palette for Asian skin tones. It can be used as a single color to conceal most facial imperfections, or blended into different colors to suit your needs.




The concealer is tightly matte, slightly dry in cooler temperatures and smooth in warmer spring and summer temperatures. The powder can be applied evenly with fingers or with the matching concealer brush.


The cream is a fine powder with an unobtrusive shine and medium coverage of imperfections on the face. The powder feels natural and light, with a high degree of adhesion to the skin, and does not come off easily, even when used in small amounts to cover imperfections.


The overall tone of this concealer is warm, easy to use and easy to blend, compact and easy to carry, suitable for daily concealer or to create a naked machine makeup.


KRYOLAN Concealer Palette


A special concealer palette created to meet different concealing needs based on a variety of skin tones. For Asian skin tones, the most useful are the 3-color concealer palette and the 6-color Gaijin concealer palette.


The concealer has a firm and medium glossy body, and the state of the cream changes significantly with temperature, and is best felt when the cream has a creamy texture. The powder is fine and soft, with a high ductility, and can be easily picked up with fingers or a concealer brush. The powder feels more pronounced on the face and has high coverage power.


Before use, use the temperature of your fingers to soften the concealer and then put it on your face for the best fit with your skin, and the concealer will stay on all day.


Although the concealer palette has a significant color span, each color is highly defect-specific, so newcomers do not need to worry about blending. If the eye condition is dry, this concealer is prone to snagging.


CINEMA SECRETS Concealer Palette


A professional line of five-in-one concealer palette that takes the principle of color complementarity to the extreme, with two color palettes in lime green and orange pink tones to meet different skin tones and different shades of imperfections.


The concealer is firm and matte, with a stable texture that does not change easily, and a creamy, silky feel that is highly malleable and can be used with a variety of makeup application tools.


The concealer feels very moist and pushable, with a low powder feel, and has excellent coverage for blemishes, covering large and obvious blemishes, without the problem of powder jamming when used repeatedly, and with a strong “skin grip” on the face, it can maintain coverage all day without taking off.


Although there are many colors in the concealer palette, the shades of the individual concealers are well handled, so you don’t have to worry about blending. This concealer is highly moisturizing and does not cause any noticeable streaking even on dry skin types.


AMORTALS Tri-Color Concealer Palette


This concealer palette is divided into natural and light skin tones, each in a customized combination for different skin tones. Using orange as the base color, the palette is adjusted to create a tri-color concealer that conceals blemishes, dark circles, and brightens.


The concealer palette has a hard, matte finish and a moist, creamy texture with high moisturizing power. The powder is delicate and malleable, so use your fingers to melt the surface cream before use, so that your face is moisturized and not stuck.


The concealer is quite good at covering up dark circles and can basically cover up all types of dark circles with moderate color mixing. The powder feel medium powder is relatively fine, a small amount of multiple overlapping use will not feel too dry.


This concealer is perfect for covering up dark circles and pigmentation type flaws, with relatively simple color mixing and high cost performance, suitable for newbies to start.


Summary: Compared to single-color concealer products, this multi-color concealer palette is more cost-effective, as long as a plate can meet our concealer needs from many aspects. In fact, the color palette within the concealer is not that complicated, we try to adjust the concealer color to close to the skin tone in the process of daily use, so you can basically cover most of the facial flaws.

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