8 misunderstandings to avoid if you want to make up without aging

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Now it is very popular to draw an age reducing makeup for themselves, but many people find that they will be older after putting on makeup than before. Why? This may be because you have entered the following misunderstandings. In fact, makeup can be said to be a double-edged sword. If you draw well, you can add points, but if you don’t draw well, you’ll think about the consequences yourself.


1.No blush


As we grow older, our skin will gradually lose its ruddy color and appear pale and dumb. So blush is a very important step.


Suggestion: put a bit of frosting blush on the apple muscle position, so that the skin will develop from inside to outside.


2.Wipe too many foundation


In order to cover up defects, some people will put on a thick layer of foundation. The result is that the foundation will be lumped, and the foundation will penetrate into the skin wrinkles, so that wrinkles will become more prominent.


Recommendation: with a wet sponge on the face to sweep a layer of light Moisturizing Foundation (as far as possible to avoid too thick foundation or too durable Foundation), in order to effectively reduce the fine lines, while avoiding dry skin.


3. Smear too much Concealer under the eyes.


The dark complexion beneath your eyes will make you look old, but applying too much concealer to cover up will only cause you to lump and attract the attention of others to the place you want to hide.


Recommendation: choose cream saturated color Concealer (stick) to cover dark circles without drying caking.


make up


4. Lipstick is too dark


As we grow older, our lips will become thinner, and dark lipstick will make our lips look smaller, thinner, slightly old-fashioned and serious.


Recommendation: use bright lipstick or bright lip gloss, increase the amount of color in the middle of the lip to deepen the color, resulting in a rich effect.


5.the whole eye is painted with eyeliner


The dark Eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids will make the eyes appear “murderous” and will give off the crow’s feet. A thick eyeliner on the upper eyelid will also increase the heaviness of the eyelids.


Suggestion: draw Eyeliner only in 3/4 eyelids, then soften the excellent liner line with cotton swabs or tilted sponge to soften your eyes. It is best to use high gloss powder to measure the part from the inner corner of the eye to the lacrimal groove.


6. eyelash coat too much mascara


Although mascara can magnify the eyes, but for some people, it will make the eyes look drooping.


Suggestion: in order to avoid heavy lower eyelids, use the mascara to draw the eyelids.


7. Eyebrows too thin


With age, eyebrows become thinner and fade, which is why plump eyebrows make people look young and energetic.


Suggestion: use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to draw the slender eyebrows a little fuller, or add a layer of shadow.


8. Too many shadows on


Shadow (or bronze powder) helps to highlight the contour of the face and create a three-dimensional beauty, but if it is too deep, your face will be a little dramatic and old.


Suggestion: sweep a layer of shadow powder from the temple to the cheek below the cheekbones, and there will be a three-dimensional effect.

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