A Brief History of Lipstick Development – The Makeup Girls Can’t Stop Looking For

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Lipstick is arguably one of the most common makeup products in our lives, but a small lipstick has a long history of development. How did it develop into a makeup product later? Here follow me to understand it!


1, The earliest lipstick

The world’s first lipstick was found in the Sumerian city of Ur about five thousand years ago. Ancient Egyptians would use black, orange, fuchsia lipstick; ancient Roman times a lipstick called Fucus is made of fuchsia containing mercury plant dye and red wine precipitates.


In ancient China, it was called lipstick, which was made into a tube, and some were powdered. Powdered lipstick was made by applying pigment to both sides of the paper, and the color was naturally attached to the lips after siping with the lips. Chinese Tang Dynasty aristocratic women and courtesans like to sandalwood color (ochre red) lip injection, later used.


2, Taboo and lipstick among the nobility

In the time of Queen Victoria, lipstick was considered to be a prostitute’s item and using lipstick was a taboo.


The first metal tube lipstick was made by Maurice Levy and the Scovil Manufacturing Company in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1915, and was a mass product.




3, Lipstick symbolizing the women’s liberation movement after the World War

In 1912, during the demonstration of women’s suffrage activists in New York City, famous feminists wore lipstick and made it a symbol of women’s liberation.


In the 1920s in the United States, the popularity of lipstick was also driven by the popularity of amovies, and the popularity of all kinds of lipstick colors would be influenced by movie stars and drive the trend thereafter. However, the lipsticks at that time were soap-based, which made them uncomfortable to use.


American women in the 1940s were affected by the war and would wear makeup to look good. Tangee, one of the largest lipstick manufacturers at the time, launched a commercial called “War, Women and Lipstick”.


When the war ended in 1950, actresses drove the trend to make their lips look full and glamorous.


In the 1960s, lighter lipstick makeups such as white and silver were popular, and fish scales were used to create a shimmering effect.


In the late 1990s, vitamins, herbs and spices were added to lipsticks in large quantities.


After the 2000s, the trend moved towards natural beauty with natural and shiny colors. Now lipstick has formed a kind of “lipstick economy”, happy when happy to buy a lipstick to celebrate treat yourself, sad when sad, more to buy a lipstick to comfort themselves, a small lipstick but in the market for a long time, which should be the biggest reason is also it reflects our pursuit of beauty and desire.


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