A four-color eyeshadow palette that you can’t go wrong with, easy to handle in many scenarios

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The pink and brown tones are matched with a velvety texture, helping you to create a sophisticated and luxurious high-definition makeup look. As a newcomer to eye makeup, I have bought several eye shadows before and stepped on the mines, newcomers usually choose earth colors, because many bloggers say that earth colors are not easy to make mistakes with eye makeup.




I recently got CharlotteTilbury four-color luxury eyeshadow palette PILLOW TALK, this four-color eyeshadow palette, I found that it is really a plate can not go wrong eyeshadow plate, not only for my skin tone, and whether it is work, or dating shopping, with it on the eye makeup, can add a lot of points to their face.


CharlotteTilbury four-color luxury eyeshadow


This four-color extravagant eyeshadow palette belongs to the dreamy girl’s pink-brown color scheme, in which the top left corner of the four-color eyeshadow palette is the base color, the top right corner is the main color, the bottom right color shapes the eye contour, the bottom left shade with bright light, sweep on your fingers, and then smeared on the part that needs to be brightened, so that the eye makeup more shiny! The top two shades are on the pink side and the bottom two shades are on the brown side, so by applying them in an overlapping way, you can create a rich and gentle eye makeup. The top two shades are pinkish and the bottom two shades are brownish.


eyeshadow palette


In addition, I found that this eyeshadow has a good color rendering effect. The earth color eyeshadow palette I bought before was applied as if it wasn’t, and it was flying powder. This eyeshadow palette is not only a fine powder, good color, but also no problem of flying powder, the texture is like a velvet fine post, not smudge makeup, easy to get a deep eye makeup, before always feel their eyes godless, now put on the shiny pink eye makeup, feel like a new pair of eyes.


When a girl chooses an eyeshadow palette, she usually looks at how big the percentage of ribbed colors in the palette is, otherwise she can only waste those few colors when she buys them back. However, this small and delicate four-color palette does not need you to worry, the utilization rate is certainly 100%, the color match is appropriate, want to create layers of sophisticated eye makeup, each color number can be used. I use this eyeshadow palette to solve my eye makeup, whether it’s for commuting, or for a party with friends, without looking out of place, and I get asked by people around me which brand of eyeshadow it is.

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