A large wave of novice makeup skills that become good-looking are comparable to cosmetic surgery

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I’ve been giving you all kinds of makeup skills, but there said: the blogger’s makeup is too difficult to learn. I can’t even draw the most basic makeup and eyebrows!


Indeed, although bloggers seem to be very beautiful with a painting, their exquisite makeup is really difficult. The key to the success or failure of a makeup is the bottom makeup.


Just like painting, only when the drawing paper is flat and clean enough, can we draw good lines later. So it’s really important to have a natural makeup without time.


Base makeup is a big problem for most novices. No matter how much or how little you apply, the card powder doesn’t peel.


As the first step to make us beautiful, we have to make up well. Here are the key points.




The bottom makeup is too thick: the most taboo of the bottom makeup is the thick mask, and the wrong method of painting the whole face should be avoided.


Spread the foundation liquid evenly to the pulp, start from the triangle area, if you are wearing makeup liquid, put one side on the other side. The bottom makeup is very natural.


Cover pores: clear areas of the pores. Brush the bottom with a brush and dip them in the clean place of the palms, then smear them on the coarse parts of the pores.


Cover small defects and blemishes: use short round flat head concealer brush, apply concealer to defects, and then stab them vertically.


Covering the tear ditch: the head is slightly lower, and the deepest line of the tear ditch can be seen. Use the trumpet concealer brush to get the matte gloss and apply it to the line.

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