Are you still wearing makeup ineffectively? These 3 tips will show you the effect of effective makeup

wu meijie Date:2021-09-06 10:24:31
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It’s obvious that many people are wearing makeup, but they can’t see any makeup or any other noticeable changes other than their face is a bit pale. This kind is “ineffective makeup”. It looks like makeup that wastes time without any effect. Many makeup artists are facing the situation of “ineffective makeup”. So, what should we do to improve it?


1, why is makeup not effective?

Many people don’t understand that they obviously waste the same time, but other people’s makeup looks like a new “face”, while their own face is just white. In fact, there are two kinds of ineffective makeup.

①, choosing cosmetics that are not suitable for you

②, the effect of makeup is not obvious (makeup is not in place)

After clarifying which kind of “ineffective makeup” we are, we can make targeted improvements to make our makeup more stylish and sophisticated.


ineffective makeup


2, what kind of makeup is suitable for you?

In the field of fashion, it can be divided into two major pieces, one is fashion and the other is beauty. While using good clothes to enhance your external image, beauty makeup is also a must. In this way, you can improve your personal image well by taking care of both ends. Therefore, what kind of makeup you are suitable for is to be chosen according to the warmth and coldness of your face.


The human face can be divided into two types, one is warm (ie: sweeter) and the other is cold (ie: colder). And this needs to be distinguished according to the contours of our five senses.


First of all, the warm face has a more rounded contour, with less amount of five senses and more white space, giving a visual impression of being neighborly, teenager and sweet. Therefore, this face type of women are more suitable for the Japanese and Korean system of sweet, neighborly or teenage makeup, in order to better match their style and highlight the sense of fashion and maturity of women.


Secondly, the cold color face outline is more obvious, there is a certain “staccato”, the amount of features, but also more three-dimensional, leaving a small white, visually give a sense of detachment, high and cold, full of empire and “not to be messed with” feeling. For this type of face type of women, you can choose a more mature, imperial makeup type, full of their own advantages, but also less prone to a sense of incongruity.


3, why the makeup is not in place?

Ineffective makeup is, to put it bluntly, makeup that is not in place and not obvious. Both time and cosmetics are wasted, and no effect appears. Therefore, we need to summarize our past makeup experience and “demining” in order to better shape the right makeup. Here, Kitten has compiled 3 makeup tips to help us get rid of “ineffective makeup” and show you how good effective makeup can be.


①:Apply eye shadow in a certain way and just pursue a natural look

Everyone’s eye shape is different, but the appropriate makeup technique is the same. Therefore, for women with double eyelids, there is no need to deliberately modify the eyelids when shaping the eye makeup part. We should create a natural and attractive eye makeup and not deliberately pursue the “big eye effect”, which can easily appear “too fake” if we are not careful. Secondly, you should follow certain techniques to apply eye shadow to avoid confusion.


②: Create a good color with blush and avoid “fake white” with a thick foundation

Some women do not pay attention to blush and think that makeup can be applied without blush. In fact, this can lead to a “big white” effect from under the eyes to the chin, which visually retains too much blankness and tends to give a bad tone and a makeup that is too “fake and white”. Therefore, we should use the right technique to apply blush to better show effective makeup effects.

③: Lipstick must be applied as a super plus to avoid the feeling of “ineffective makeup”

Lipstick can be considered a crucial presence in the entire makeup look. If a series of makeup parts such as eye makeup, blush, grooming, highlighting, etc. are well done but lipstick is not applied, it will easily create a sense of incongruity and thus the problem of “ineffective makeup”. Therefore, our lipstick should be combined with the color choice of eye makeup and blush in order to better highlight the exquisite and advanced level of makeup. At the same time, lipstick can take the form of biting lip makeup, full application, which can reflect the advanced charm of women.

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