Chanel spring new products: Clarinet 132 high-grade noble, limited to 191 too tender, 627 Vintage cherries

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I believe for many girls, Chanel can be said to be a very familiar Lipstick Brand. And Chanel’s slogan in China is also very good. Its mouth red number is also very rich, which is loved by many fairies. Because lipstick also changes with the seasons, Chanel has also launched some new color numbers. Let’s talk about the new lipstick products of Chanel!


1,Chanel 132


Chanel lipstick can be said to be one of the colors in this early spring series that can highlight temperament. It also has an elegant and gorgeous feeling after it is put on the face. The theme color of this lipstick is red brown, with a little bean paste Brown inside. After the mouth, I feel very prominent temperament, and also have a high-level sense. However, the texture of this lipstick is matte and may be a little dry when used, so it is suggested that girls should take good lip care before use.


Not only that, the lipstick effect is also very balanced. Both thin and thick lipstick are very good-looking. Thin lipstick is a gentle bean paste color. It has the feeling of a gentle little sister. It is more suitable for plain face and can improve a person’s complexion. On the contrary, if thick coating is applied, it will enhance people’s aura and turn white.


2,Chanel 191




191 this mouth red number is also a color number loved by many Fairies in early spring this year. Its color is very unique, similar to the tone of cherry grapefruit and sweet wine. Apply it on your mouth to reduce your age. It feels very obvious. In addition, the cream of this lipstick is particularly smooth. It has a very good moisturizing feeling when applied to the mouth. It will not dry out or show lip lines.


What’s better is that this lipstick can brighten the skin color and make the whole person’s makeup look more decent and very white. Thin make-up, a little pink feeling, more suitable for white girls. The thick coating is water red. The whole lip looks fuller and more beautiful. At the same time, it also shows that the lip has a special moisturizing feeling, and the overall effect is very good.


3,Chanel 627


627 the theme color of this lipstick is reddish brown. When it is first applied to the mouth, it feels dark red, a kind of desert dry rose red brown. However, if you look carefully, you can still find that the lipstick has a little purple tone, and the color is very unique. In addition, this lipstick is also very white on the mouth. The texture is semi matte. The paste is very lubricating. It won’t dry on the mouth. The effect is very good.


The thin makeup shows a reddish brown color. It looks a little orange. It is more suitable for girls. If thick coating, so thin coating is just the opposite. Thick coating presents an authentic reddish brown. It has a retro temperament when applied to the mouth. At the same time, it will also bias the whole person’s makeup towards retro. Qianqian suggests that you can gently sip it with a paper towel when using it, which can increase the velvet feeling of lipstick and make it look more shiny.


The above models are several popular mouth red numbers under Chanel. The performance of each model is very good. However, it is still recommended that if you like these color numbers, you should still determine your skin texture and skin color, or go to the physical store to try the color number, and finally choose according to your own needs to avoid stepping on thunder.

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