Conscience review! The Blender inexpensive do not eat powder in-depth review

wu meijie Date:2021-09-13 14:56:32
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There is no Blender that doesn’t eat powder, and the difference in powder eating Chengdu is not obvious! This can not be because which beauty blogger said which does not eat powder, you believe it! After I used it once, I did some experience sharing, I hope to have a little help to the sisters who need to use Blender every day Oh~!


1, Beaut Blender


Blender’s ancestor, because we all believe that expensive reason, but there is no legend to the extent of not eating powder, but the softness of the current has not exceeded it, the price is really too expensive for people who wear makeup every day, the money is arbitrary!



2, RT Blender


The old generation of Netflix, relative to beautblender, the price is affordable, but as more and more brands, are doing the same soft as RT material, so it is now taken out for comparison, in fact, the advantages are not obvious


3,  AMORTALS Blender


The new generation of net stars, and other are different from the place is the set of boxed, Zhang Jia Ni and many celebrity makeup artists have recommended, dry state softness in general, wet water can be. Cost-effectiveness is good, can sell well, and not without reason. The only place you can spit is that some batches of green Blender will fall off, but mine have not been obvious color loss


4,  BLD  Blender


Shake a while ago many bloggers are recommended, dry state soft, is a little expensive, other eat powder what is normal


5, NQG  Blender


Small sweet potato grass is quite a lot, the feel is also very soft, and BLD, the same, the price is on the high side, every day with words, the cost is not high


6, xiax  Blender


Claimed that the giant soft not to eat powder, soft is quite soft, not to eat powder is a bit exaggerated! And other Blender than not less, the price is not very cost-effective!


To sum up, buy Blender, compare the price/performance ratio, buy the comments inside more to see, the real buyer’s experience is most worthy of reference!

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