Dior Gloss black Tube 740 lipstick trial experience

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The first contact with the Dior 740 is in the office, a young colleague picked up a 740, held it high in the air, intoxicated and said: “How can so beautiful! It’s so beautiful, I love it!” At that time I also a face disdain, later after all kinds of thunder, all kinds of test, I also completely fall into, now, Dior 740 has been my royal lipstick, as long as the lipstick, the first idea must be 740, simply love to explode ah!


So how did this magical lipstick go from disdain to love? Here you go: I particularly like the texture of dior’s clarinet. Dior’s new clarinet is a mixture of solid lip glaze, half lipstick and half lip glaze. Texture is smooth, moist and does not pull dry. The good thing about it is that it can be applied even on dry lips, and it will be very moist. Texture of lipstick Color of lipstick. Sometimes I forget lipstick and just put it on. It doesn’t feel dry, and it runs! Run! !!!! Moisture five small stars can be called perfect. Color display is particularly good, much better than silver tube color display. If you like high color but not too dry girls can choose this. Yellow skin white skin black skin can be, especially white, who painted who beautiful color.




Appearance, so beautiful, the overall design has a sense of fashion design, simple, and very pressing hand in the hand, while the handwriting is simple and generous.


The 740 is beautiful as a myth, although a little dark, but with the charm of brick red and orange, some people call it pumpkin color. With a little flash, it looks very girly, but this is only suitable for pale skin girls, girls with sallow skin color suggest not to try or wear a good foundation oh. I personally think, spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons are appropriate, gentle temperament and versatile.


Have already heard, how good is The Gloss of the lip glaze of The Dior lacquer, since seeing 740, I took it, it is really good! Texture, combined with the advantages of lip glaze and lipstick, maintain the color of lip glaze and make the texture very, very moist, the upper lip will have a feeling of turning into water. This is especially suitable for the lips are easy to dry sister, use the follow-up will not have the phenomenon of pulling dry. It can keep the gorgeous color for a long time, because I like it so much, 3.2 grams will soon run out.


The outer packaging is very bright, and the outer packaging of different batches is slightly different. Last time the sisters brought it back from Korea, the packaging is a little white, and the other ones are not different.


As for the taste, it’s sweet, but not pungent, just right. I was initially disgusted with the look of this tube, because it’s less paste, and if you’re interested in it, you can go online and find a tutorial on how to cut the tube and it will last a long time. Now more and more like the design of the lip balm tube, but it is recommended not to screw more, when the screw back will hang out of the tube.


The color is beautiful, and the color may not be as complete as a matte lipstick, which requires two more layers. Besmear is slant orange tangerine, thick besmear is good-looking maple leaf color two. A relationship with a high degree of moisture will not last as well as expected. If you don’t eat, the color will be fine for the whole afternoon, and you need to reapply it after eating. It can’t be seen from the photo that the paste is still very soft. After the photo was taken, I wiped a large part of the lipstick with a paper towel.


Thin besmear, myself like thin besmear more, because my lip color is darker, after thin besmear, orange and my brunet lip color one in and, perfect, general activity goes out thin besmear effect is very good.


Thick paint, I personally feel the color is also very nice, and will not be stuck, but it is not suitable for my temperament, only when using it, and then immediately erase.


Advantage: this series is solid liquid lipstick, it is dior home first glaze lipstick, namely the lip glaze of form of make it lipstick. 740 is one of the net red numbers, maple color is very suitable for fall and winter. A lipstick is the texture of solid lip glaze, so it is very soft and moist. Because the texture is quite moist, so it is not necessary to apply the lip gloss base in advance before applying it. Directly apply it will not dry. Dior 740 is suitable for non-makeup, and it is very natural to lift the color.

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