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Born in 1953, Dior’s gorgeous blue and gold lipstick is a stunning piece of color that speaks to Dior’s signature style and craftsmanship, as well as a silent yet sincere fashion statement. Over the years, the high-order colors of this lipstick have been reinterpreted into thousands of shades, giving women around the world beautiful lips and adding a touch of sparkle to their smiles.


“Dior’s gorgeous blue and gold lipstick is a masterpiece that takes the world by surprise. To this day, it remains a classic that spans generations and keeps bringing new surprises.” Peter Philips, creative and image director of Make-up at Dior.


Dior Dior gorgeous blue and gold lipstick, a star product upgrade


Mr. Christian Dior once wanted to be an architect, so he designed his first Dior bright blue and gold lipstick into a work of art. The tube of the lipstick is made of gold material and glass in the shape of an obelisk, in tribute to the Place de La Concorde in Paris. With the changes of The Times, this lipstick has been constantly reinterpreted, breaking the color rules. The tube body has adopted gold, beige and azure. In 2005, a more elegant and fashionable midnight blue shell was born, decorated with classic Dior Cannage tengir pattern.


The new Dior gorgeous blue and gold lipstick blends a stronger modern sense and classic style, continuing the makeup legend. The whole body of the lip balm is decorated with a new silver inset engraved with Dior’s initials, echoing the brand’s new waisted fashion design, which is rewritten every season. The new shell with silver inset, paired with the brand founder’s initials “CD”, presents the smooth lines and exquisite craftsmanship of classic couture accessories. Today, the lip balm is also actively embracing the brand’s sustainability philosophy and comes in a packaging that can replace the inner core. The move is also a continuation of Christian Dior’s early vision for environmental protection, as his first lipstick was already designed with replaceable cores.




Dior flowers to the source of color tension


The much-loved formula has been upgraded again, focusing on the research results of Dior flower science. Dior gorgeous blue and gold lip balm is infused with floral lip care essence to light up the color of lips and make lips more beautiful and touching. Peony essence can help the lips to moisturize naturally, radiant, make lip makeup more bright, more attractive. Pomegranate flower extract helps to enhance the overall texture of the lips and make them more tender. Shea butter extract [refers to unsaponified content of fruit fat of avocado tree (BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII) and fruit fat of avocado tree (BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII).] It can effectively cooperate with the lip protection effect of flower ingredients to nourish lips. Lips are more smooth, and the subsequent lipstick color is more uniform, showing delicate lips.


4 kinds of high – order makeup effect full new makeup combination


Dior‘s gorgeous blue and gold lipstick palette combines the legendary dynamism of satin and full-bodied matte finishes with two full new collections: the super-matte “velvet” for comfortable holding and the bright, bold “metal” for light. Four attractive makeup effects, shining between the delicate textures of a Dior gorgeous blue and gold lipstick, are inspired by fashion fabrics and inherit the brand history of Dior.

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