Dior’s 4 best lipsticks to Buy! Classic whitening is out of date. See if you have one of them

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Whether it is daily or collection, buying lipstick is the most happy thing for girls. Lipstick, as a must-have for every girl, should not only be beautiful in color, but also beautiful in appearance. As a set of appearance level and connotation in a color makeup brand, Dior has been loved by girls. However the mouth red number of Christian Dior and series have a lot of, need not have all proceed with, choose among them a few classic but the versatile color of time OK!


1, Dior999


This is the amway color that everyone is crazy about, the Dior color! It also has a crazy advertising language: as long as I die, you will always be fei! Because it is fundamental key with bright red, always can give a person a kind of aggressive temperament, besmear it so. It has a very obvious effect on the promotion of the aura field, and is also a unique in showing off!


And because this color is too hot, there are 4 kinds on quality of a material, no matter it is matte, moist or half moist, can find those who suit him. However, although its color is very versatile, but there is still a great leap to the age. For example, on the 40 – year – old woman to apply moisture series, may have a little hold, too tender. A matte finish would be more appropriate, elegant and introverted, though not as glossy. There will be a noble temperament! In total, 999 are divided into different textures, and each texture corresponds to the age of a woman’s life!




2, Dior740


It’s a very special color in Dior, and it’s very hard to get. Because of his elegance and intellectual, it is the contemporary girls want to wait, outside the image highlights the key of his lady elegant temperament! It is a black tube varnish series, the packaging is really nice. The color is between earth pumpkin and brick red, brick red is a bit heavier tone, color saturation is very high, and retro beautiful!


Its texture is very moist, in the mouth like cream across the same silky with dense ingredients can also be completely covered! Although it is a more intellectual bean paste pumpkin color, but really do not pick the yellow skin, coated with extra white, although it is a little maple pumpkin bean paste color, but coated with completely not old fashion but in the little girl’s temperament with a little light cooked wind, but also a girl must have a gentle color.


3, Dior421


Girls all like to drink milk tea, even if it is milk tea color lipstick also like! Gentle to do not want to 421, this is a thick coated with a little brown color of milk tea color lip fluid, so the upper lip will not look bad. The thin coat is cinnamon milk tea color, very white and very daily. The glass lip that just wants to take water embellish feeling when upper lip, lovely like jelly, still have the cool and refreshing feeling of a kind of mint, dip a cup to fade not easily after becoming film.


However, it is not easy to spread, need to be small and many times to close. Thousands of thousands of colors, different lip color can have different color experience, but yellow skin really won’t step on thunder! Its color is due to its soft and moist texture. On yellow skin face and white skin are two kinds of completely different styles, yellow skin belongs to won’t step on thunder, very natural and daily color. But in the face of white skin needs to match milk tea makeup, there is a miscellaneous fresh sense.


4, Dior888


This is only recommended to make a fortune in the Spring Festival color, New Year’s day good omen, color 888! Its color is orange red, thin paint will be more orange, but thick paint will be a little red, more orange than the old 999. Because his orange tone is more obvious, so the yellow skin belongs to no work no fault, will not show white nor black. But the white skin of the girls painted exceptionally lively and lovely age reduction effect is very obvious. After all, the brighter the lip, the more transparent the skin.


Quality of a material is matte fog face is very advanced, and it does not do not show lip grain, what the matte light series of quality of a material respect Dior does is very good all the time, have a kind of silky tactility, but the effect that goes up is matte light condition however. It’s more everyday than 999, and it’s stress-free. Before planting 888 999 heart love, and after seeing 888, these two can be said to be tied first.


Dior has been releasing new lipsticks, especially the 2020 series of fine glitters, which are so popular that it is hard to buy them now, but fine glitters are easy to go out of fashion even if they look good. Well, 999 is a color that goes with everything, and it hasn’t gotten any worse over the years. If girls don’t often buy designer lipsticks, it is advisable to choose some classic colors. After all, a lipstick will last for a long time, but it is important that it is versatile!

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