Do a good sunscreen summer can also be “white to glow”

wu meijie Date:2021-09-03 15:57:05
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The summer heat, people have changed into the cool shorts, short sleeves. In the face of the “hot” sun, how to protect our skin, avoid tanning sunburn, become a crowd of “white to glow” people? The following is to learn together with a few practical sun protection methods.


The first is to have sun protection gear.


Sunscreen coating umbrella, large brim (brim side width of at least 7.5cm) hat, dark sun glasses are very good sun protection tools, and compared to wipe sunscreen products, with the advantages of the skin more secure, it is recommended to carry.


Sun Protection Cap


Second, sunscreen clothing is a good choice.


Ultraviolet protection index (UPF) greater than 40, UVA transmission rate of less than 5%, that the sun protection effect is good; compared to the light color, dark color clothing shading effect will be better; the higher the density of fabric sun protection effect is better. If it is not a strong UV season, wear long sleeves, long pants can play a very good role in sun protection.


Third, the choice of sunscreen cosmetics suitable for their own.


Some people feel that sunscreen cosmetics do not feel very good, the face slippery and greasy uncomfortable. In this case, you can use spray-type sunscreen cosmetics, the use of a relatively refreshing sense of some. In addition, in different latitudes, seasons, weather conditions, the choice of sunscreen cosmetics also has a lot of attention, to be combined with the specific situation to choose.


Fourth, sun protection should not ignore the ears.


In fact, the skin of the ears will also appear photo-aging. Many people don’t think the appearance of the ears on the side of the face is that important, but if the face is well cared for and looks white and shiny, but the ears are dull and rough, it will also affect the overall aesthetics.


Fifth, although sun protection is important for the skin, we should not ignore the importance of sun exposure for our body’s health.


For example, the most important source of vitamin D needed by our body, apart from our daily dietary intake, is sunlight, which our skin can synthesize only after receiving ultraviolet radiation from the sun, especially UVB. Scientific research has now fully confirmed that vitamin D deficiency, in addition to causing calcium deficiency, is also closely related to the occurrence of many diseases, including hair loss, psoriasis, etc. Therefore, it is still necessary to get proper sunlight, and it is recommended to regularly test the blood vitamin D level, and if it is lacking, to supplement it in time. Sun protection is important, and scientific sun protection is even more important. Although sun protection is needed, it should not be excessive.

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