Does Dior foundation work well? Dior foundation liquid evaluation recommended

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Does Dior foundation work well? Dior lipstick has almost become popular all over the country, especially the 999 color, which has been out of stock for a long time at various counters and shopping platforms. But dior’s liquid foundation is rarely mentioned. Actually the foundation liquid of Dior also is very easy to use, look at the evaluation of this foundation liquid of Dior.


1. Dior Super perfect Long-lasting soft mist Foundation


The packaging of this liquid foundation is very texture, using frosted bottle body, feel very good, also very advanced sense. The upper face feels very smooth, concealer power is also good, but the makeup sense is heavy. Oil control is the highlight of this liquid foundation, not easy to produce oil, holding makeup effect is very prominent, but will appear a little dark. Suitable for combination skin and oily skin.


2. Dior Super perfect Long-lasting Soft Foundation


With on it is same series, however on it is to present fog face matte light makeup feeling, this one is to present the bottom makeup that has glossiness, corresponding bottle body also is to become the glass bottle of smooth face. The same is after the face is more comfortable, makeup sense is not so heavy, concealer is not good, soft mist more dark acne print can not be covered. Oil control effect is relatively poor, easy to oil, dark. Contrary with soft mist money is, this suits dry skin to use, if mix oily skin, can be used in winter.


Dior foundation liquid


3. Dior Backstage Makeup Foundation with Double Water (Dior Baby Bottle)


The upper face is more docile, makeup sense also calculates frivolous, concealer power is also good. However, the moisturizing and oil control effect is not good, the holding effect of makeup is not good, makeup is easy to be mottled after removing makeup, need to follow up makeup.


4. Dior Super Perfect Long-lasting Foundation


Create fog makeup, and can effectively modify the pores and blackheads. Good concealer, too. Oil control is better, even if the oil is presented after the same creamy muscle makeup sense, but easy to float powder. Suitable for combination skin and oily skin.


5. Dior Super Perfect Long-lasting Spy Foundation


It is to make fog face makeup feeling likewise, but protect wet the effect is quite good, pull out not easily dry. The concealer is very high, and the makeup is good to hold, with a slight float powder after holding for a long time. It is still suitable for oily skin and oily skin. But pay attention to the choice of color when buying this foundation, 010 is not the whitest color, but a natural skin tone. Fairies should look at the color card before ordering.


6. Dior Superstar Gloss Foundation


Present the base makeup that has burnish feeling, but protect wet effect and control oil effect are not very good, hold makeup effect is good however. Suitable for mixed skin.


Does Dior foundation work well? Overall, Dior foundation performed quite well. But also belongs to the light luxury cosmetics, beauty to rational purchase oh.

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