Dry and peeling lips? Some of the best lip balms are here.

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Throughout the year, as the lips are very easy to dry lips dry star people, I usually pay great attention to maintenance, today I will give you all I feel good use of lip balm.


1,Curel Moisturizing Lip Balm


This kind of lip gloss can not be considered as a net red product, but it is really super fire in Japan. It is the top beauty forum in Japan. It is a group of people who love to bite their lips and skin repeatedly. The lipstick is very moisturizing, but it is not greasy and suitable for night maintenance. It will become pink and duped on the second day, and the dead skin is gone.


2, Fresh sugar sugar Lip Balm


This lipstick is a natural sugar flavour. It is very absorbent. It is very moisturizing after it is painted. It is not greasy and moisturizing. It is said that it also has the effect of reducing lip wrinkles.


3, DHC olive Moisturizing Lip Balm


Very good use of a word of mouth lipstick, no scent, moisturizing and moisturizing effect is good, the key is high cost performance, it can be said to be very good to do lip job.


 Lip Balm


4, Arden 8 hours classic moisturizing lipstick


This lipstick paste looks very textured and smells of ginger, which may not be suitable for use at the very beginning. However, it is very moisturizing. It contains Vaseline, vitamin E and other ingredients. It can repair the fragile skin of the lip, alleviate the dryness of the lip, and has a SPF value of 15. It can be used for daily lip sunscreen. It is worth noting that because it has a SPF value, you must remember to remove makeup on the lip!


5, Japan Espie ROUGE LIP BALM


This lipstick is super fire on the little red book. The shell of the lipstick is white and frosted, though it is simple but feels very textured, it is also very convenient to go out to carry. It contains aloe vera and vitamin E essence, moisturizing lips, moisturizing the lips, softening the horny lips, improving the drying phenomenon, and not having sticky feeling on the upper lip. It is a very comfortable sense of use.


The above 5 paragraphs are the lipstick that I feel better to use. The upper lip moisturizing and moisturizing degree is very good. If you often use lipstick, you should pay more attention to lip care.

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