Eye catching method of autumn and winter “color makeup”: learn new color matching to make you more energetic than daily girls

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If you ask which part of makeup is the most colorful, my answer must be eye makeup. Young girls want to respond to more colorful makeup in autumn and winter. I suggest starting with the color matching of eye shadow.


Today, we will share with you a few sets of colorful makeup eye shadow matching colors, and learn to earn it. Let’s take a look.


Warm and cold color contrast


Are we accustomed to collocation of eye colors? In this way, the whole eye makeup will look very unified, clean and harmonious. In autumn and winter, it is relatively cold and occupied by the dark Department. In fact, we need some color contrast to brighten our makeup. First, use the blue-green base to dye the whole eye socket. It doesn’t need to be too heavy. Then, use the pink department to dye the lower eyelids. The color contrast between the upper and lower eyelids will produce a different sense of balance, Daily painting is very dynamic and chic.




Blue collocation is also a smokey eye make-up. It is also a collision between two kinds of cool and warm tones. The difference is that we can use color matching and eyelash or use conventional colors and methods, such as golden brown eye shadow to halo the entire eye socket. It looks very routine and brings bright effects. Then, blue eye shadow is used to dye the lower eyelid, which is similar to the effect of small smoked makeup. It looks very mysterious and special.


The same color system has deep and light


We will use the same color system to dizzy the eye shadow, but sometimes we do not need to be so regular. Eye shadow can modify our eye type, expand the contour of the eyes, make our facial features more harmonious, and the earth color mixed with reddish brown eye shadow can make our eye makeup color feel stronger and more attractive and sexy. It will look more different.


It is impossible to imagine the combination of purple and brown, but when they are put together, they can always find a balance between harmony and challenge. For example, use brown to dye the whole eye socket, and then use purple to brighten it. In this way, the whole eye makeup looks very colorful, but it will not look too flirtatious, which is very flattering and eye-catching.


The color matching of pink and grayish purple belongs to the mutual superposition and transition of warm color and neutral color, which looks more girlish. Because people have a heavy sense of color block, it is more suitable for young girls. The focus of makeup is on the front half of the upper eyelid and the back half of the lower eyelid. It presents a parallelogram as a whole, with enough white space, sweet and not greasy.

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