Finally, a makeup list that you can buy directly from the third part of the list

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The previous part of the makeup list is shared. This makeup bag also basically covers all the items I need to use in my daily life, shooting and attending events, from foundation to eye shadow, mascara, to lip brushes, double eyelid stickers and other gadgets.


The next skin condition: oily skin, winter will become mixed dry, yellowish dull skin tone, T-zone, especially nose pores, there are some acne marks. The grass list is a bit long, you can save to buy slowly ha.


19,  Daiso flesh skin color double eyelid paste short section


Don’t ask me why I need a double eyelid patch when I’ve buried my eyelids, it’s too sad, because after two years the line is a bit absorbed, so the eyes start to look big and small again, so sometimes the camera will still stick a double eyelid patch. This one from Daiso looks a bit thick, but it’s super thin and supportive enough to fit well with the skin of the eyes, so it won’t stagger, and it won’t reflect when you put on eyeshadow, and it won’t accumulate a line, another affordable good thing.


20,  Amplitude Eyelash Curler


My “sunflower” eyelash curler, also written before, just a couple of clips of eyelashes will be proud of the small tail, and it is not easy to clip to the eyelids, handicapped people can also manage freely.


Makeup list


21,  Lauduree Laduree Embossed Blush #02 #18


Lauduree’s stuff is the kind of packaging that you want to get your hands on, so you don’t need other reasons to see it haha ~ and the powder quality and coloring of Japanese blushes are very good. The two discs are an orange and a pink, very energetic girl, can draw out the girl’s sense of Japanese makeup ~


It’s easy to use the small brush that comes with it, and it’s also easy to control the amount, so it’s not easy for a novice to spend two piles of highland red ~ it’s matte, and it’s also good for mixing with blush with glitter, more shiny.


The blush is quite important to enhance the color, even if the makeup is very simple, sweep a little blush will look good, the whole person more energetic. This is my makeup artist’s blending of pink and orange blush.


22,  Lunasol Monochrome Blush #EX 05


This one is perfect to use as a base for other blushes. It is a limited edition for spring 2019. It’s not very pigmented, but the sequins are very nice and delicate, and it’s a very understated micro-shimmer that gives the skin a very translucent glow.


23,  CPB Highlight #17


The CPB highlighter #17 is also a hot color, with lavender violet and mint green, so the whole thing will be a little more cool, I use a little white and bright, very suitable for cold white skin. But note that when you use the hand must be light.


24,  Chanel High Definition Disc


This piece of highlight is actually bought a few years ago, 2017 limited washi paper highlight, the Japanese traditional culture of washi paper into the design, because it is too beautiful, so beautiful that I do not want to use. Put in mainly to show off its beauty haha.
I don’t really like that kind of big glitter, think Asian people are not very good at driving, accidentally easy face oily, plus my own face is also easy to oil, a wipe on the emm …… This champagne colored highlighter is super too beautiful, but also shiny and delicate, more subtle highlighter, daily use is also very suitable.


25,  Kevin Aucoin grooming #Medium


KA is the big brother in the world of face-lifting, the classic of classics. The best thing about this plate is that it is a gray tone trim, the face is very much like a natural light shade, like the original contour of the face haha ~ I bought medium, suitable for yellowish white and medium skin tone people, his other light light is also more grayish, suitable for cool white skin. The powder is super fine, silky smooth and smudgeable. As for why I didn’t love to use shadows to fix my face now I have to use it, the reason is not to expand on ……


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