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Good weekend evening!


I always thought I was a minimalist when it came to makeup, and every time I went to Sephora, I bought very little because it’s really hard to run out of makeup! I didn’t expect to open the makeup bag and count it, but there were more than thirty items inside. But this makeup bag also basically covers my daily, shooting and participate in the event makeup need to use all the single product, from the base to eyeshadow, mascara, to lip brushes, double eyelid stickers such gadgets everything, a summary of 25 models haha.


The actual skin condition: oily skin, winter will become mixed dry, yellowish dull skin tone, T-zone, especially nose pores, there are some acne marks. The grass list is a bit long, you can save to buy slowly ha.


1,  Dior travel old flower makeup bag


First of all, let’s start with the makeup bag. This Dior old flower canvas bag, the face is superb, right? It is actually a travel makeup bag, typically the “big belly can accommodate”, I put more than thirty kinds of cosmetics in still have a lot of space. The full open design makes it easy to find cosmetics. The small shortcoming is that it is quite heavy.


2,  TATCHA primer


I have a variety of primer products, mainly for different periods of skin conditions to use. For example, this TATCHA primer is specifically for T-zone priming. My T-zone pores are very thick, especially on my nose, and if I put on foundation directly, there are many places that tend to have floating particles, which is really ugly. The main focus of this primer is to invisible pores and brighten skin tone.


It’s very silky smooth, the touch on the face is oily, but visually it is matte, pushing away a thin layer of skin like a filter. The most crucial thing is that the subsequent foundation will not have grainy powder floating up. Many of the main invisible pores makeup prep cream will rub mud, but it does not. I’ve tried it with other products without rubbing mud. By the way, it comes with its own scraper, which is more hygienic to use than directly with your hands.


Makeup list


3,  HOURGLASS Primer


This primer was empty last winter. It is definitely a savior for dry skinned people! It is very moisturizing, very hydrating, and very long lasting. The people who tried it in the studio all “clapped their hands” (think about Julia Kim’s tone of voice haha). The texture is oil-like when squeezed out, but it melts into the skin with a little massage. The new season and winter dry skin on the foundation is very easy to jam, especially the sides of the mouth and nose and around the eyes, a jammed powder looks very heavy makeup. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to keep your base makeup moist all day long.


I initially thought it was more moist and should be suitable for winter, but I didn’t think it would be oily at all for oily skin in summer.


4,  Maquillage heart make-up prep


It is a very affordable makeup that has been on fire for a long time and also has a sunscreen effect, suitable for oily skin. It’s a light moisturizing effect, and sometimes I’ll apply it to improve the color when I’m not wearing makeup everyday. But it’s a little dry in winter.


5, CPB Foundation #O10


I’ve tried all the foundations and creams I can find on the market, and I’m basically using CPB for the rest of my life. The round jar of powder cream has been written about several times, the perfect combination of moisture retention coverage and skin nourishment.
The black flat tube foundation used in summer is oil-controlled, with it when the T-zone is not oily cheeks not dry, moisturizing enough, on the makeup for a long time is not likely to fall off, and also not shine, like the skin is naturally so good. The antioxidant ability is also a great, with makeup for a long time without signs of yellowing and dullness.

It’s strange that I use a lot of foundation when the effect is good, but after a while it returns to black, cpb foundation basically every series I use no return to black this problem. The face is still white and soft throughout the day.


6,  Charlotte Tilbury Powder #1


The other day in my “love bag of the month” to share it, make up to oil very good, very light, and flat piece of very portable.


7,  Make Up Forever Portable Powder Brush 124


I am a person who carries powder with me in order to make up, so I have a portable loose powder brush with a solid wood handle that feels good, and the bristles are made of fiber rather than animal hair, which is environmentally friendly on the one hand, and is said to be less likely to blow up after cleaning. The brush is soft on the skin and has a good grip on the powder, and the brush can be swept more evenly than the powder. It also comes with a bag.


8,  LA MER Concealer #Light 12


A concealer that I have been using as a highlighter, it is very natural for covering dark circles, acne marks and lines. It’s very smooth and smooth, and spreads well without a brush.


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