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The previous part of the makeup list is shared. This makeup bag also basically covers all the items I need to use in my daily life, shooting and attending events, from foundation to eye shadow, mascara, to lip brushes, double eyelid stickers and other gadgets.


The next skin condition: oily skin, winter will become mixed dry, yellowish dull skin tone, T-zone, especially nose pores, there are some acne marks. The grass list is a bit long, you can save to buy slowly ha.




Lipstick is always my security no matter what. This HOURGLASS lip oil looks quite oily and thick, but it is absorbed very fast and the moisturizing effect is full of points, especially suitable for priming about ten minutes before applying lipstick.


10,  Dior Flame Blue Gold Lipstick #772


It should have been recommended before. Dry rose color, there is a little gray tone, so it looks heavier powder, a little smoky ~ velvet texture, in the strong light and shadow look quite different, the shadow is pure matte, strong light look will have a little pan gloss.
Very suitable for cold yellow skin, lining the skin very white.


11,  TOM FORD Fine Black Tube Lipstick #31 11:11


The lipstick I wore in the photo taken at the TOM FORD store the other day was Fine Black Tube #31. It is a rare purple-toned beige, and the texture is different from the classic matte, as the Fine Black Tube is a soft mist satin texture with a slight shine.


12,  Bobbi Brown portable lip brush & mini eyeliner brush


The difference between lipstick painted with or without a lip brush is really quite big, many people spit dry, unevenly applied lipstick with a lip brush can be brushed fast and clean, the detailing is particularly good.



Makeup list


I actually have two Bobbi Brown lip brushes, the red one I’m using now is actually an eyeliner brush, I started out with the wrong lip brush, and accidentally found that it has a finer head, and the corners can be coated better haha.


13, ADDICTION 8 colors eyeshadow  #Chocolate Party 003


ADDICTION is really a low-key and good brand, its makeup is very suitable for Asian people. I have so many of its things now, from blush to eyeshadow. This 8-color eyeshadow palette is a typical earthy color palette, a limited edition from last winter. It is a very rare kind of 8 colors I can use on the 8-color eyeshadow palette, because of the matte color, pearl color is not very shiny, the overall very everyday, the degree of color is just right shine is also relatively low-key, not easy to hand a heavy, it is too thick. If you want to shine a little I will then overlay CT eyeshadow on it, it can be everyday can also be smoky rock.


14, Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow  #Pillow Talk Global


I like to look at a lot of CT eyeshadows more than I like to use them, because I usually don’t put too much emphasis on eyeshadows, and many of them are too shimmery for me. But this palette is something I’ve been loving lately, but it’s mainly used as a supplement to the ADDICTION 8-color eyeshadows. It is a red plate, an upgrade from the regular Pillow Talk that I wrote about before, all with sequins, too beautiful in the sunlight, perfect for events or for students who like European and American makeup.


15,  Ettusais Ettusais eyelash primer


It can be used before applying mascara to make the subsequent mascara lengthen and set the effect better. This is a classic red tube for me, very pixelated and natural, but now it has been discontinued and replaced with a small black tube.


Note two small points of knowledge about lash priming.


1. I heard many people say that they use eyelash primer to grow their eyelashes when they are not wearing makeup, but it is not very suitable, and must be followed by mascara, which will turn gray when exposed to dust, not very good.


The main function is to curl and shape the eyelashes to prevent smudging, not like mascara.


16,  deJavu Mascara Volume & Partial


I’m often asked how I can make my lashes look so good, but the secret is to brush them twice, usually once as a whole and then once again with a partial brush, so they can look good. The mascara is very good for almost every type of mascara, the brush is clear, but not two or three lashes together, but on the basis of the natural eyelashes brush slim and clear, I am mainly thick effect, growth curl and thick comprehensive are very good, warm water can be removed.
The red one is for partial use, the brush head is very small, the eye head and lower eyelashes such a very detailed place can be very well taken care of, no fly legs. It’s great for those who have swollen eyes and hard lashes that don’t easily set in the studio.


17,  Shu Uemura Chopper Eyebrow Pencil #Stone Gray 05


The eyebrow pencil that ended my journey as a mouse, and I’ve written about it many times, so I don’t need to say much. It’s easy to use, long-lasting, and has a “plush feel” that other eyebrow pencils can’t quite achieve. The only downside is that it’s too inconvenient to sharpen. I’ve tried the pencil that automatically turns out, and it feels much worse, so I’ve been using it.


18,  K-Palette eyeliner pencil


The eyeliner pencil that kills all the big names. The longevity is good and it’s also quite easy to remove. The softness and hardness is moderate, not easy to smudge, and the water is quite stable. The pencil is flat, quite rare, can better control the thickness of the line, so sometimes take it to draw eyebrows, make up a few what, a multi-purpose haha.

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