Five MAC hot doorway red number, each one is super white, there is always a dish for you

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Lipstick is a necessity for all the fairies in the makeup bag, and I believe that there are many fairies who cannot leave the temptation of lipstick and must have bought many different brands and colors of lipstick. Indeed, for a delicate makeup, a suitable and good looking lipstick really plays a vital role. Not only can it be the final touch to the entire makeup, but it can also enhance the color of your fairy. The importance of lipstick is self-evident as different makeups need to be matched with different lipsticks, and different occasions need different lipsticks to match.


The MAC makeup is a makeup brand from Canada, now owned by Estee Lauder, and the MAC makeup is most famous for its lipstick. All the major stars have mouth, Hyunya mouth of the small pepper color is sold out of stock, that I believe that here, the little fairy makeup bag is not also a small pepper color lipstick it? This shows the popularity of MAC lipsticks, but there are so many kinds of MAC lipsticks, and how do you know which one to buy? Here are a few of MAC’s popular colors recommended for you fairies, there is always one for you, come and see.


The first one: #923 STAY CURIOUS


This is a color number that is a must for gentle fairies, called the peach color. 923 color is a gentle peach in the MAC family, gentle fairies who want to find a temperament lipstick, it must be the 923 color. The texture is very good, the mouth is a very light matte feeling, the fragrance is MAC lipstick series unique chocolate flavor, so people can not wait to eat a bite. This one looks good no matter how you apply it, whether it’s for school, work, or just for your face, it’s no problem at all. You don’t have to worry about staining the cup, because it’s really completely non-stick, and you don’t have to worry about drying out, you can apply a thin layer of lipstick before you apply it, and it won’t dry out at all. It’s really a very, very gentle color, so hurry up and buy it to do the summer peach girl.


The second: #707 RUBY WOO




The color number of this one is really too hot, the major netizen bloggers almost all pushed this one lipstick, you fairies believe that this color number is not too unfamiliar. This color is a little rose tone red, suitable for vegetation when painted, can instantly enhance the temperament, thick coating is white positive red, super aura, whether thin coating or thick coating are beautiful to the edge. This is a color that every fairy must have, super super white, impeccable color in the red. Although the texture is matte, but extremely well pushed away, the texture is matte matte texture, the smell is also mac unique chocolate taste, very very white, yellow skin fairies must have.


The third model: #502 COCKNEY


This lipstick is a very good-looking strawberry red, thin coating thick coating can be, the color is a very transparent strawberry red, the color of the strawberry coated in the mouth. The texture is clear and moist, a nourishing lipstick, so compared to other MAC lipsticks, it is more moisturizing, so you don’t have to worry about drying out your mouth, not to mention showing lip lines. However, the moisturizing will bring about problems such as staining, so I believe that you ladies will not mind applying the lipstick more than once, after all, the color is so nice. And this lipstick also contains gold fine glitter, the beauty of the sky, wipe on the temperament instantly upgraded several grades, so you can do the face of a beautiful girl with temperament. It is also possible to wipe on makeup, and it can be said that it is always a versatile color. You can buy it as soon as possible.


The fourth model: #602 CHILI


This is another MAC net red, Hyunya on the mouth was grabbed to the point of out of stock, so you can imagine how hot this color number is, fire to the makeup bag of all the fairies may have a hand. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. This shade is not a good look for anyone who is not white, and yellow skinned fairies do not have to worry at all. The texture of the lipstick is smooth and not dry, not picky skin, is a kind of matte senior feeling, but because the lipstick is not moisturizing, you fairies on the mouth before you must do a good job of lip balm preparation Oh.


The fifth model: #510 LADY BUG


This is a moist lipstick, and COCKNEY texture, so moist lipstick will stain the cup oh, but so nice color at any time to make up is a mood of pleasure. Although moist, but coated in the mouth will not have a sticky feeling, but like a layer of lipstick hydration, no burden at all. The color of this is tomato red, coated with a very meta, moisturizing and at the same time very white, yellow-skinned fairies do not have to worry, closed eyes into the end, completely a heartwarming lipstick.


The above is the five MAC lipstick red number introduced for all the fairies, I hope there is a reference role for all the fairies. Hurry up and buy up, do the beautiful girl in the summer!

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