For girls who don’t have Dior lipstick, look no further than these new colors for 2021, as white is out of fashion

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As a well-known makeup brand, Dior has a variety of colors, which can meet the needs of girls. However, lipstick is not bad for dior. In addition to Dior lipstick, there are several colors, which are fully enough as the new colors of 2021.


Estee Lauder 569




This is an elegant caramel chestnut color, darker than the sugar chestnut skin, and when applied to the mouth, it gives a warm and sweet feeling, but more importantly, it is very white. If you look closely, this color is similar to the pepper color, but it is a little more orange than the pepper color, so the white effect is more pronounced.


The texture of lipstick is moist and smooth when applied to the mouth, and the film is formed quickly. After the film is formed, you will feel the advanced feeling of makeup. No matter thin coating thick coating is very good-looking, thin coating is lively and young, if thick coating, the color is relatively rich, with a retro beautiful temperament, very attractive, recommend girls to choose to start.


Chanel 277




Retro black tea brown with retro charm, painted on the mouth, the color is pure to very rich, very style and characteristics. This vintage black tea is actually brick red, but in contrast to brick red, it has added an orange tinge, so when applied to the mouth, it will be particularly white and friendly to girls with yellow and black skin.


Both thin thicker coating 1/8-inch-thick this lipstick is very good-looking, besmear is on the mouth, instantaneous can give a person a sense of atmosphere, the beauty of the visual sense, and it if thin coating, than brick red color a little light some, color is more everyday, if thick coating, will only give a person a kind of aura feels full, especially suitable for some royal elder sister type of girl.


Armani Lipstick 406




Different from 405,406 have the queen color of aura field, the color appears a bit more full-bodied than red, it is the feeling of drunken rose, besmear on the mouth, can give a person a kind of sexy and charming feeling all the more. But not vulgar, it is just right, highlight the woman’s charm. This is a darker color than the bright red.


It with a diu diu mei the feeling of color, but not with worry will show black, besmear is on the mouth, it really aura is powerful, and very significant white, covering lip color, well according to export the red color, the quality of a material of this lipstick is dumb light, so girls must do a good job in labial ministry render scumble something is red, if thick coating, colour more rich, It will appear more powerful.


nars 964




This color is actually a relatively unpopular color, but it will be found after the real discovery of its beauty, especially wonderful, is just right beautiful but not make public, very suitable for some little sisters to choose to start with. The color is actually the combination of brown and bean paste color, besmear on the mouth, gentle and low-key, but very temperament, very fashionable, more retro.


Thin smear is fog face makeup sense, suitable for daily commute, choose this lipstick is more recommended for girls to fold the picture fold picture, a bit like lip honey feeling, will appear the mouth water toot state, looks very young, show vitality, so you can choose to start if you like.


In fact, it is not dior in lipstick. Compared with Dior, there are also many wonderful and distinctive lipsticks showing temperament. The texture is also one of the best, except for the famous 405, these are also good.

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