Givenchy Quadrangel no.7, let the dry skin sister hand in a full score

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Fixing powder must be familiar to everyone, as the end of the base makeup, the existence of fixing powder is to make your makeup more durable and natural, but there are still a lot of girls on the fixing powder when the problem, such as card powder, color is not natural, not only do not make makeup more natural, even have the opposite effect.


Actually the occurrence of these problems in addition to the improper operation, and a very important factor, that is your choice of products may not be suitable for you, because itself has a different color and calm makeup powder, not suitable for your calm makeup powder will only affect your makeup, especially for dry skin girl, calm makeup powder is not too difficult to choose, Givenchy, as a beauty mogul, naturally saw the need for a girl with dry skin, so Givenchy Four Palace no. 7 came to the rescue with the name of dry skin savior.


Givenchy Quadrangle powder




Different from givenchy four GongGe powder of the other three color number, 7 this calm makeup powder is the main pink color on color, from shallow white to pink, layer upon layer mixing is pink pink is tender texture, does not have the no. 1 and no. 2 white to stunning effect, also don’t like the Asian skin feeling of 5, but in slightly red and pink, white The feeling of being a girl.


And relatively speaking, there is a little different from 7 no. 1, 2, 5, that is for dry skin sister have very good tolerance of the skin, especially powder also comes with a little stars shinning pearl of feeling, this kind of bead light feeling on dry skin skin has very good effect, in the interior, the flash will not particularly evident, lovely girl images of harm sheepishly, And in the outdoor, it immediately presents the vitality of the young girl fan.


And 7 of the whole texture in the process of my face, you also can feel, its effect is very strong, the sense of water close skin formula, the redundant grease on my face at the moment of easy absorption, thereby make makeup look durable performance, the overall sense is also very delicate feeling, is a gentle grooming effect, Instead of using color directly to change skin tone and make makeup look more natural.


For the givenchy four GongGe 7 powder, give me the subjective feeling is its repair effect is stronger than I expected, easily face some fine lines and some usual revealed the pores can be naturally transition modification, and the pink colour combination, my face also is very natural, really do not like other products like the false white coated with a layer of flour, Will not be like their other three color number that do not kiss dry skin.


And in fact, although it is for dry skin has a good effect, but in fact the skin is not so oily sister can also try, as for the big oily sister or honestly choose other color number, after all, pearl for oily sister, once the appearance of makeup, the picture is simply not to see.


If you are also a dry skin girl who doesn’t know how to choose a makeup powder, Givenchy No.7 is sure not to let you down, like a fair skin in love with a pink color, such makeup is a dating tool, don’t look again!

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