Helena Rubinstein DAY CREAM and NIGHT CREAM, it is worth getting?

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The acceptance of this brand of Helena Rubinstein is not as high as Estee Lauder, Aquamarine, but the promotion of various self-media platforms in the past few years has become more and more widespread, gaining a lot of attention, I first used hr’s green bottle and eye cream, after using the feeling is not obvious, a little sorry for the price. The relatively more popular day and night cream price is not expensive, so is it really repair, anti-aging use effect is very good?


So I bought it to try.


The international practice: mature skin mixed oil skin. A alcohol use, recently in the peeling, urgent need to repair and moisturize.


Helena Rubinstein NIGHT CREAM


1,What is the difference between day and night cream?


The white bandage (anti-inflammatory, soothing, repair) texture is not as heavy as the NIGHT CREAM, suitable for the occasional sensitive skin redness need to repair people. Although the ingredients are not as high as the concentration of NIGHT CREAM, but more than the NIGHT CREAM added some anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, for sensitive skin is very suitable.


NIGHT CREAM (repair, anti-aging) The high concentration of Boswellin makes NIGHT CREAM have a strong repair effect and some anti-aging effect, and its texture is really powerful for repairing barrier damage. A damaged barrier is not the same as simple sensitivity, so many people feel that NIGHT CREAM is a better repair than Aquamarine. That is, Aquamarine is effective in repairing sensitivity, but not as effective as NIGHT CREAM for barrier repair. Therefore, if you want to choose a cream for repairing and spacing anti-aging skin, NIGHT CREAM is a good choice for sensitive skin and barrier damaged skin.


2,The use of the technique is the key ?


Take the size of a pearl grain (the specific amount varies from person to person) cream in the palm, both hands rubbed well, you can see the two palms evenly stick to a layer of white cream, and then pressed on the face. White bandage can be used to apply the way, NIGHT CREAM must be pressed! Otherwise it will rub mud.


3,Day and Night Cream use skin feel


White bandage immediately after using a kind of white and soft feeling, will increase one or two white degree, the texture is relatively soft. Look good skin, of course, wash off will not have this feeling. The main is calming and soothing, okay, the texture is a little thicker than Shiseido’s Baiyu, soothing effect and lamer almost.


NIGHT CREAM the first night to my amazing feeling, when the face peeling, very frizzy, with a night face on the tender! And because of the powder added inside, so on the face as if wiping the good night powder, so people feel the immediate effect is particularly good. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet. As for the firming and lifting, wait for me to use a bottle and then see, now is not the.


4, Acne people suitable for day and night cream?


The day and night cream is not at all used to get rid of acne, for inflammatory pus acne actually does not work. But when there is a wound or squeeze the pimple after using the NIGHT and white bandage, the next day you may find quickly scabbed, smaller, not red. Because of the powerful repairing power can accelerate the wound healing, like my peeling face will be red, the redness will be obvious. The actual fact is that if you want to get this for your acne skin, it is not advisable to get it.


The actual fact is, I don’t think it’s very amazing and special. Maybe it’s because I’ve been using it for a short time, but I don’t think there’s a big difference between the anti-aging creams of other brands at the same price, and the pore-closing, calming effect is good. I’ll keep using it and see if other effects have changed.

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