How does lipstick take off makeup, prevent lipstick to take off makeup small clever trick, how to draw lip makeup

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Use lip balm or chapstick as a base


Lip balms and chapsticks not only keep your lips hydrated, but when applied to your lips they create an invisible layer of protection that prevents lipstick makeup.


Apply lipstick within the range of your lip line


Specific practice is: cover on the lip first a thin layer of loose powder (this step also can omit), reoccupy colorless or light color lip liner pen outline lip line, lipstick daub is in this range next, so lipstick won’t overflow lip outside, bring about the awkward situation of flower makeup. Stylists use a lip liner that is the same color as a lipstick to enhance the contour of the lips, and a colorless or flesh-colored lip liner can be used as a daily substitute.


If you hate lip liner


If you’re not a fan of lip liner, here’s another way to prevent frills: Dab a little powder on your lips before applying lipstick, and then sip it away. Repeat the process once, but the second time you don’t need to sip it any more. Or, after the first time, gently cover it with oil absorbent paper or facial tissue, glue the lipstick floating on the surface, and then apply it again, which can effectively prevent the lipstick from peeling off.




Exfoliation should be the most effective method that prevents mouth safflower to make up, lip desquamate. You can use a facial scrub or make your own all-natural facial scrub with brown sugar and olive oil to keep your lips as soft as possible.


The bottom of the lip makeup


There’s also a base for your lips, a silicone-rich base that gives them a smooth surface.


What are you using


If makeup still happens no matter what you try to avoid, it’s probably because you’re using an old formula or a poor quality product. Try other products to see if the same can happen, and throw them away when you need them, and don’t skint on the necessary investment in a perfect look.




How to put on lips


Before we put on lip makeup, we need to know our lips. Everyone’s lip shape has its advantages and disadvantages, so when applying lipstick, we should be good at covering up the disadvantages and highlighting the advantages. Generally speaking, the small shortcomings of the lip have the following: thin lips, thick lips, lip peak, lip line is not obvious, lip lines.


The solution


Thin lip: this kind of lip is not good because labial ministry is narrower, should learn so “increase”, expand the range of labial ministry with labial liner pen namely, but also should have a degree, did not become sausage mouth finally the gain is not worth the loss.


Thick lip: this kind of lip is the gallows that is opposite with thin lip, want the range of labial ministry to narrow, this time need to use concealer, originally labial ministry range is covered, redaub next, let the lip look smaller on the vision.


Lip peaks/lines are not obvious: This is where you need to use a lip liner to delineate your lip peaks and lines and give your lips a fuller outline.


Lip grain is much: it is good at using concealer product likewise, at the same time a embellish lip balm also is very necessary, can moisten your lip ministry. Now that you’ve learned how to cover up the imperfections, here’s how to get the perfect lip look without just using lipstick.


In order to draw a good-looking lip makeup, it is necessary to have lip makeup tools, mainly, lipstick, lipstick, lip gloss, lip glaze, lip honey, lip dye, lip liner, lip brush, etc. Lip makeup should be pure and burnish, perfect lip makeup should resemble ripe fruit, have allure, and lip makeup must be good with eye makeup collocation, ability achieves coordinated effect.


Lip balm. Lipstick is usually solid, dry and hard. It has a long history and is mainly devoid of color. It can prevent the loss of lip ministry moisture, it is the very main step before makeup, basically use make up base. At ordinary times, girls must use lipstick to embellish their lips, so that they can draw a good-looking lip makeup.


Lipstick. Lipstick is called colored lipstick. It’s a bit drier and harder than lip gloss and lip glaze. Lipsticks come in a variety of shades to achieve different makeup effects. But the moisturizing effect of lipstick is not very good.


Lip gloss. Lip gloss is basically a thick liquid or thin paste. Applying lip gloss will make your lips look moist. The cover ability of labial colour is stronger, colour is very rich, also not dry. The main disadvantage is that the lip will be blurred and incomplete.


Lip is sweet. Lip honey is a dense liquid, light color, looks crystal clear. It will make the lips look more hydrated, which is more suitable for women with fake natural makeup. Wear it with lipstick. The disadvantage is the modification and concealer ability is relatively poor, easy to blur, incomplete.


Labial glair. Lipstick and lip gloss combine to create lip glaze. Good color and moisture. Keeps the water moist and color saturation for a long time. Drawback is sticky feeling can let makeup look dirty dirty, not quite natural.


Labial glair. Lipstick and lip gloss combine to create lip glaze. Good color and moisture. Keeps the water moist and color saturation for a long time. Drawback is sticky feeling can let makeup look dirty dirty, not quite natural.


How can you draw a good-looking lip makeup? Moisten your lips with a lip balm, then cover the original color with concealer, draw the lines of your lips with a lip liner, then cover your lips with lip gloss or lipstick. Of course, you can also use lip gloss or lipstick to turn it into a bite lip makeup. Finally, put a tissue between your lips and gently sip it.

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