How to do beauty blender is not clean can still be used

wu meijie Date:2021-09-09 09:37:35
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Yesterday, on a whim, the blender was cleaned, and when it was cleaned, I regretted it, the blender seems how to wash it can not be clean. The cleaning of the blender may seem easy, but it actually requires a lot of patience. If the blender is not clean, it may be the wrong method to use, when cleaning the blender to repeatedly squeeze, squeeze out the water inside, so as to take away the remaining makeup in the blender, to repeatedly clean 3-5 minutes to be able to, if coated quickly, it is impossible to clean.


Can you still use a blender if it is not clean?


The blender is not clean or do not use it.The blender is not clean is not good quality.The actual operation requires a lot of patience, first of all, the blender completely wet, squeeze the blender, each squeeze will flow a lot of water to prove that the blender is completely wet.


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The water in the blender will be slightly squeezed out partly, put the blender on the special cleaning soap back and forth, the blender surface becomes smooth after repeatedly squeezing the blender, if the cleanser can be used a little more.


When squeezing the blender, you can put the blender into a small bowl and use the foam to repeatedly rinse the blender and wait for the makeup residue in the blender to be squeezed out, but this squeezing and cleaning process should take at least three minutes, or you can put the blender in your palm and squeeze it repeatedly, so it is easier to clean it.


After a few minutes with a lot of water to wash the blender, with squeezing action, and is squeezed in all directions, so that the foam in the blender as soon as possible to be washed away, until the squeezed out water completely clear can be, and finally the water squeezed clean, the blender into a cool and ventilated place to dry.


Will be allergic to uncleaned blenders?


If you don’t wash the blender cleanly, it will breed bacteria and cause skin acne. You need to wash the blender once or twice a week, soak it in a special makeup cleaner and squeeze out the water by hand repeatedly, do not twist and rub it vigorously, it will deform and damage the blender. After cleaning, put them in a cool place to dry naturally.


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