How to draw eye makeup to cover eye bags

nikisho Date:2021-08-25 15:36:19
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Many makeup novices will be very confused when facing the problem of eye bags. They don’t know where to start. In fact, they can completely cover the eye bags as long as they use some makeup tips. Let’s introduce the eye makeup methods often used by makeup artists.


It’s easy to make up with eye gel and isolation cream


Where there are eye bags, the blood circulation of the skin must be bad, and dryness is inevitable. At this time, we can use refreshing eye gel and isolation cream to solve this problem. Take the eye gel with large grain of rice and mix it with the isolation cream, mix it evenly with the ring finger, and gently wipe it on the eye bag, which solves the problem of dry eye skin, and it is much easier to put on makeup.


Do not highlight at the pouch


eye makeup


The skin of the pouch is very tender and thin, and it will naturally highlight the surface of the skin. Therefore, on the one hand, we should try to choose the liquid foundation which is easy to wipe off, and use the temperature of the finger pulp to make it look good. If the foundation cream is too thick, try to avoid using it on the pouch. On the other hand, we should pay attention to the bright foundation, though it is enough to show off, but if it is used on the pouch, it will expose its weaknesses.


The depth alternates to balance the abrupt feeling


Use a light concealer to draw a thin line on the underside of the pouch with a shadow, and put a concealer deeper than the skin on the raised place. Dark color has a visual effect of tightening. This method can well obscure the boundary between uplift and depression.


The eyebrow bow raised people’s popularity


Don’t draw a word eyebrow and drooping eyebrows. The pouch will visually make the outer corners of the eyes droop. It is already full of bitterness. Therefore, try to pick up the eyebrow bow to let people know what lifting Qi is. Gray or dark brown eyebrow powder is good, which can set off the look of the eyes.


Use blush to weaken the sense of line.


Blush can weaken the sense of line below the pouch, and slanting it on both sides of the alar so that it will appear oval to the halo of the temple.


Finally, when you go out to play, don’t sit in the top light, because the direct light will make the eye bag pay special attention.

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