How to draw eye shadow beginners must learn eye shadow makeup tips

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It can be said that now most girls will draw eyeshadow, out of makeup rarely will not draw eyeshadow. That beginners how to draw eyeshadow? How to match the color is more appropriate?


The colors of eye shadow can be divided into the following categories.


Base color → slightly brighter than the skin color, used for priming and color halo.

Transition color → slightly darker than the skin color, used to shape the contour.

Highlighting colors→Higher highlighting, used for local highlighting.

Shadow color → low brightness, used to define the line.


Monochromatic eyeshadow: Use only one color when drawing eye makeup.


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Choose a monochromatic eyeshadow and start stroking from the base of the eye lashes. To enhance your eye makeup, the eye shadow at the base of the lashes can be stroked a little thicker and darker and then gradually lightened upwards until the eye shadow color disappears into the eye socket. The lower part of the eye can also be used to apply eyeshadow, which will look a little more delicate. Beginners are recommended to practice through single-color eyeshadow, and after mastering proficiency you can draw a more sophisticated eye makeup with multi-color eyeshadow.


How to draw eye shadow beginners must learn eye shadow makeup tips


Multi-color eyeshadow: When drawing eye makeup, use more than two colors.


If you choose two colors of eyeshadow to draw eye makeup: first use the light color on the upper and lower eyelids once, then use the dark color around the eyelid folds once, and finally use a makeup brush to smudge the color up and down.


If you choose three colors of eyeshadow to draw eye makeup: three colors of eyeshadow for the base color, middle color, and dark color. First, use the base color and the middle tone color, and refer to the way you just painted the two colors of eyeshadow for smudging. Next, draw the eyeliner with a darker color along the base of the eyelashes and lightly trace the lower third of the eyeliner. Finally, use a makeup brush for the smudging transition.


If you choose to paint your eyes with four colors of eyeshadow: Compared to three colors, four colors of eyeshadow have an extra highlighting color. The painting method is similar to the three-color eyeshadow, the biggest difference is that the use of light-colored eyeshadow in the upper eyelid right in the middle comes up to increase the three-dimensional feeling of the eyes. You can also use lighter eye shadows to brighten up the sleeper to make your eyes appear bigger.


How to draw eye shadow for beginners eye shadow makeup tips


Because  some people have thick eyelids, shallow eyes and yellowish skin tone, the internationally popular colors of gold, blue and silver are not suitable and will make the eyes look bloated and the skin tone look gray. Pale powder, pale orange, pale purple and pale apricot are all very suitable colors for Chinese people. These colors are not only natural, but can make yellow skin tones appear healthier and brighter.


It is recommended that beginners learning how to draw eye shadow generally choose eye shadow based on the makeup person’s skin tone, dressing style and the occasion they are attending.

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