How to draw teenage girl eyebrows? Six steps to create teenage girl eyebrows makeup tips

wu meijie Date:2021-09-15 14:16:23
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Soft and natural eyebrows, the end of the eyebrow is very existential, and with a three-dimensional sense of uniform eyebrow color, will greatly enhance the charm of your eyes!


Now let’s talk about the way to draw teenage eyebrows! Six step method to create teenage girl eyebrow makeup tips. The most suitable eyebrows for girls with a soft and cute teenage sense are soft focus light eyebrows.


How to draw teenage girl eyebrows?


Step 1: Gently draw the outline of the eyebrows, not too hard, drawing the outline helps us to master the scope of the painting.


Step 2: Starting from the middle part of the eyebrow, use a small brush to determine the position of the peak according to the angle of the ray. That’s the prerequisite, important oh.




Step 3: Use a slightly stiffer pencil and start from the middle where the eyebrows are thickest. Especially for beginners, it is better to use a slightly stiffer pencil.


Step 4: Don’t just draw the color from the top to the bottom, sweep the eyebrows slightly on the head, that way it will be more natural.


Step 5: From the peak of the eyebrow to the corner of the eye, draw a beautiful flowing eyebrow, it is best to have a successful stroke.


Step 6: Gently comb the eyebrows with an eyebrow brush for a more natural and spirited look.


Soft-focus light eyebrows are light in color and do not look aggressive in any way, matching the face shape with a soft and cute style. At the same time, the outline is clear and does not look too dirty or messy.


The whole eyebrows give the impression that they are soft and not too delicate. These are the makeup tips on how to draw teenage eyebrows, have you learned them?


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