How to keep your makeup on all day without taking it off? Tell you the three little secrets of not taking off makeup

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Every day in the morning to go out beautiful, but once the noon began to halo makeup. After work want to go out on a date, the face full of patchy makeup so you simply can not relax. With a “flower cat face”, it is easy to leave a bad impression on people. How to keep the makeup on all day? I’ll tell you three secrets to keep your makeup on!


How to keep your makeup on all day? I’ll tell you three little secrets to not taking off your makeup


1, ABA concealer method


A is for concealer and B is for powder. It’s not enough to put on concealer just once. Press a little concealer on the blemished area when priming, and then repeat with a little concealer just after patting the powder on the whole face. You’ll find that layering concealer prolongs the longevity of your coverage.


How to keep your makeup on all day without taking it off?


2, the important tool of makeup – sponge


keep the makeup


Different size of sponge bubble pores will cause uneven amount of powder to be applied to the sponge each time, so try to choose a sponge with the same size of bubble pores.


The method of grabbing the sponge is also very delicate. Press three fingers on the back of the sponge, lean your thumb and pinky against the sides to keep it stable, and then dab one-half of the sponge with an even amount of powder.


3, Order of makeup application


The order of makeup application is very important because the percentage of makeup removal on the face varies. Use a sponge with an even amount of powder and choose one part at a time to apply makeup, starting from the forehead to the temples, then to the nose to the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, and finally to the whole cheeks.


Well, have you learned how not to take off your makeup and keep it all day? In addition, you should pay attention to the basic skin care before applying makeup, you can use the custom skin care method for the current state of the skin to customize Oh.

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